FBI Hunts Pun


Fifth Estate # 101, March 19-April 1, 1970

“The beauty parlor’s filled with sailors, the circus is in town.”

Bill Rowe, alias Desolation Rowe, radical accountant and financial wizard for the Fifth Estate, Argus, numerous rock groups and conspiracies far too numerous to mention here, was raided in his plush Northwest Detroit apartment, March 6th.

The raid was conducted by several (Rowe: “At least TWENTY”) shotgun-toting FBI investigators. It seems the civil serpents were looking for one Laurence Plamondon, known to his friends as Pun, White Panther Minister of Defense. As the investigators stepped into the building Desolation asked them for a search warrant. One investigator quickly oinked, “We don’t need a search warrant—we’re looking for a fugitive felon,” pointing his rifle in Desolation’s direction.

Pun is wanted on Federal charges connected with the dynamiting of the Ann Arbor CIA office in 1968 and three state dope charges.

Discouraged by the fact that Pun was nowhere in sight (Desolation had just flushed him down the toilet as the FBI knocked), the investigators searched the building, but to no avail. Not even a little grass.

Their search took them into the apartments of several other people in the building, scaring the shit out of them since they had no idea what was going on. All the while the Keystone Kops were going through their thing upstairs, a searchlight was beaming on the facade of the posh early Amerikan dwelling. A surveillance was continued of the building throughout the night.

FBI hogs take note: Pun is everywhere, and the people will protect him. So be careful; would President Nixon die for you?