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Fifth Estate Issue 399

Globalize Solidarity—Mutual Aid against planetary domination

Solidarity with striking prisoner workers at Holman Prison, Atmore, Ala., Sept. 2016

Solidarity with striking prisoner workers at Holman Prison, Atmore, Ala., Sept. 2016

Submission deadline: July 1, 2017

Things can’t get worse? We at the Fifth Estate have been wondering and warning for decades.

 Whether you have been with us through these hard times or are just connecting with us in the time of Trumpist danger, we want your suggestions for finding anarchist, counter-authoritarian ways out of our social, political and environmental predicaments.

 Solidarity and Mutual Aid are not objects in a Kropotkin museum, they are all around us in our daily relations with comrades and concerns for the individuals and whole populations we support in many ways. Knowing more about the achievements of solidarity and Mutual Aid in these dark times can make us all stronger and better prepared for the struggles ahead.

 Send us your non-fiction articles, fiction, poetry, and graphics. We want to publish thoughtful, hopefully inspiring, words and images to remind the world that We Are Still Here—We are Dangerous Because We Have Each Other!

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