Call for Submissions

Fifth Estate Issue 402
Fall 2018
Submission deadline: September 15, 2018

Theme: Anything Can Happen!

This title comes from a 1968 essay by Fredy Perlman when it looked like revolution was close at hand. We want to re-envision the future at a time when everything looks unsettled.

We invite you to submit analytical articles, news reports, essays, poetry and fiction.

Original Material only please. We have a general policy to only publish articles that have not yet appeared online or elsewhere.

All submissions should be consistent with our political views.

 To get a good idea of the non-academic, intelligent writing we publish, you can read articles from past and current issues on our website at

 Before submitting something, please read our Writers’ Guidelines at:

When writing, please consult our manuscript style sheet at:

Submit manuscripts for short pieces and proposals for longer essays, along  with graphics and photographs, to:

fe ( at ) fifthestate ( dot ) org


 Fifth Estate, PO Box 201016, Ferndale, MI 48220, USA.

 Please put “Submission 401” on the subject line of e-mail.

 We also invite letters to the editors related to articles we have published.