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Fall 2017, FE #399

Cover, Issue 399, Fall, 2017 - Fifth Estate Magazine
(follows Summer 2017 issue)

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Opposing the Rise of the Far-right
Rui Preti

Defending Ourselves
Jeff Shantz

Antifa Under Attack from “Many Sides” & Doxxing
Fifth Estate staff

In Defense of Self-Defense
Paul Walker

Mainers Against the Klan!

The Anarchist Alternative in Cuba
Bill Weinberg

X-Files: Subversive Ideas
Jason Rodgers

The Museum of Capitalism
Bernard Marszalek

Dancing on Capitalism’s Grave
Paul Dalton

Right Wingers Charged in Seattle Shooting
Fifth Estate Staff

The Game of Not Seeing
Mars Zaineb Goetia

Basque Country Squat
Errekaleor Bizirik Collective

The Golden Age of the Barbarians
James C. Scott

Anti-Toxic-Prisons Conference
FTP Campaign

Marius Mason Update
Cindy Crabb

Project FANG – Prison visits
Pepper Kincade

poster image with DAPL water defender: "I want you in solidarity with J20 defendants"J20 Protesters Answer State Repression with Resistance

Tramp Printers – review
Steve Izma

Punk & Anarchy – review

Anarchist Filmmakers – review
Franklin Lopez

CIRA at Sixty
Sylvie Kashdan

“Detroit” – film review
William R. Boyer

Reality Wars – Notes on the homicidal state
Jack Bratich

Life is Not a Machine
Peter Lamborn Wilson

The hurricane – Poetry
Voltarine de Cleyre

Anarchism & Geography – review
John Clark


Learn more about the failed US war and resistance to it from an anarchist/anti-authoritarian perspective HERE.

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1968 — Insurgency on the streets, campuses, in the military. Read about it in the Fifth Estate Archive.
Cover, Issue 54, May 16-31, 1968. Caption for drawing: Tom Hayden, a non-student and a leading force in the New Left, helped a coed into Mathematics Hall.

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