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Spring 2018, FE #400

Cover image, Issue 400, Spring, 2018 - Fifth Estate Magazine
(follows Fall 2017 issue)

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Dismantling the Patriarchy
Fifth Estate Staff

Trump The “Punk” President?
Brian James Schill

Tactical Voting?
Bill Weinberg

Ursula Le Guin

Ursula K. Le Guin: 21 October, 1929-22 January, 2018
Paul J. Comeau

Le Guin’s Anarchism & Mine
Andrew William Smith

People of the Earth – The Mapuche
Jesús Sepúlveda

Lima Anarchist Scene
Bill Weinberg

Solidarity with Political Prisoners

Authoritarian Character Structure
Bryan Tucker

Esperanto & Anarchism
Xavi Alcalde

Giving Good Consent
Shannon Parez-Darby

Hong Kong @ Book Fair
Fifth Estate Staff

“This is Jail!”

Blade Runner (2049) – Review
Matthew Lucas

Church of Film
Matthew Lucas

No Gods; No Masters! – Review
Joe Nolan

The Something – Fiction
Rebecca Lee

In One Gulp  Poland Swallowed Up by Consumer Capitalism
Norman Nawrocki

Q&A with Jordan Flaherty
Peter Werbe

Myth of Abraham Lincoln Brigade

Seattle Shooting Update

J20 Acquittals
Anonymous and FE Staff

Maybe the People Don’t Want… – Poetry
André Naffis-Sahely

Zine Reviews
Lena Kafka & Peter Werbe

Antifa Handbook – Review
Cody Constructor

Antifa Authors Meet the Profs
Paul Walker

Rebellious Mourning – Review
Lisiunia (Lisa) A. Romanienko

Russia Revolution Books – Review
Peter Werbe

Kids These Days – Review
Josefine W. W. Parker


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Cover, Issue 54, May 16-31, 1968. Caption for drawing: Tom Hayden, a non-student and a leading force in the New Left, helped a coed into Mathematics Hall.

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