Free Readers’ Ads


Fifth Estate # 271, April, 1976

THIS PAGE IS YOUR PAGE. All ads are FREE for the asking. We hope this page becomes a place where we can communicate and take care of our basic needs outside of the capitalist, consumption market. send to THE FIFTH ESTATE, 4403 Second Detroit, MI. 48201 No ads accepted by phone.

PLUMBER–drain cleaning, plumbing repairs, sinks, toilets, tubs. Call 368-9754.

FE NEEDS tax attorney to do Fifth Estate 1975 tax returns. Please call 831-6800 if you can help.

MARLA–Happy Birthday from the Eat The Rich Gang! Where’s our fried Okra?

HELP WANTED–on small activist newspaper. Street vendors, advertising solicitors, layout editor. Call Gary 356-7589.

WANTED–Professional pie thrower. Intended victim a deserving boss. Apply at 838-0935 (838-0935 after 5:30 p.m.)

FREE KITTENS to good homes. Call 831-6800 or 831-5283 if you want a beautiful new kitten to love & live with–Calico, Tortoise-Shell, Tabby and Panda-Bear!

BEWARE–Birmingham and Bloomfield Hills residents. I’m coming soon to burn your mansions, loot your shops, trash your Lincolns, jungle your lawns, shit in your swimming-pools, stomp your grandmothers, strangle your children, molest your wives, and EAT your French Poodles…RAW!!
–Attila the H

P.S.: L. Brooks Patterson can’t protect you either!

TYPESETTING–keylining (layout–photostats, reductions & enlargements)–negatives, multilith plates–and printing services–under commercial prices. Contact the Fifth Estate at 831-6800, Mondays thru Fridays, 1:00 til 5:00 p.m. We do good work!

WANTED–Financial assistance for prisoner to complete final six hours for Masters Degree. Maximum amount estimated at $200. Money can be either sent to Northern Michigan Univ., Marquette, MI 49855 or to Robert Powell No. 133703, Marquette Branch Prison, Box No. 779, Marquette, MI 49855.

WANTED–Male traveling companion to hitchhike to Ft. Lauderdale, FLA after April 12. Call Gypsy, 774-9135.

INVITATION–The Detroit extension of Spectacle Films Unlimited invites interested and interesting anti-authoritarian individuals to contact C. W. von Glockenspiel at 831-2143. We’ll be showing avant-garde, subversive, surrealistic, DaDa, schizoid-paranoid, and other kinds of movies devoted to the abolition of religion, patriarchal primitivism, and all forms of alienated power–the bourgeois state included.