Free Readers’ Ads


Fifth Estate # 287, October 28, 1977

Though we do not accept commercial advertising, this Unclassified ad space is free for our readers’ use. We do not accept ads over the telephone, so please send your ads in writing to our office at: 4403 Second Ave., Detroit 48201

CARL AND DONNA: Much love from the whole gang—you’d better keep in touch while you’re away! We’ll keep up your drinking and dancing for you at the Miami if you’ll keep up our travelling for us while we hibernate. See you in six months!

“FREEZE PROFITS NOT PEOPLE” Bumper-stickers $.50 each. “BETTER ACTIVE TODAY THAN RADIOACTIVE TOMORROW” Stickers or buttons $.50 each; “NO NUKES”; “STOP NUCLEAR POWER” stickers/buttons $.50 each. COLT, Box 271-FE, Newvernon NJ 07976.

LADY wishes female student for 15 hours weekly, near Wayne. No heavy work; homemaker duties. 831-4504.

I AM publishing four books for Enrico Arrigoni, one of which, TOTALITARIAN NIGHTMARE, I put my own press name on and will keep in stock. Since the author distributes his copies free, the extra copies I printed for myself I priced at $1.00, but that printing is sold out and with everything rising the next printing will be $3.00/copy postpaid. The other three titles I am not selling, but anyone who wants to reprint them will have the author’s (& my) cooperation. All are printed without copyright. Robert Sacehorn, Western World Press, Box 2714, Culver City CA 90230.

READ “NCLC: Brownshirts of the Seventies” 24-page pamphlet published & researched by CounterSpy & the Terrorist Information Project. $1/copy. This right-wing, divisive, provocateur front group for fascism Amerikan-style must be exposed! (2 or more copies $.55 each.) FREE reprint on how they are out to destroy the anti-nuclear movement in the US (send $.13 stamp). SEA Alliance, c/o Box 271, New Vernon NJ 07976.

LONELY prison inmate wishes correspondence. Will answer all who care to write. I am 31, like all music, outdoor activities, and water sports. Please write, I need your letters. B. Robert Hall, No. 144-454, Box 45699, Lucasville OH 45699.

THE second issue of ZEROWORK is finally out-with analyses of capital’s international manipulation of food and money, the underdevelopment of New York City, and class struggle in post-war Vietnam. Copies are $2.50 from Zerowork, 417 East 65th St., No. 7, New York City 10021. (For a review of ZEROWORK 1 by Pete Rachleff, see Fifth Estate, Nov. 1976.

Librairie ALTERNATIVE Bookshop is sending out their first mail-order catalogue. For a free 32-page copy of French and English annotated titles on Anarchism, Urbanism, Canada, Quebec, Labour, etc. at 10% off, write Librairie Alternative Bookshop; 2033 St. Laurent, Montreal Quebec H2W-1T2.

WANT to make an alternative energy housing co-op? Call Cindy’s answering service via 331-1190 and leave your message. We need people willing to take over the vacant housing in the Wayne University area immediately.

Prisoner wants correspondence: John Dell, No. B85646, California Men’s Colony, Box A-2333 San Luis Obispo CA 93409.

BUMPERSTICKERS $.50 a piece, include EAT THE RICH, SMASH THE STATE, DON’T VOTE, WAR IS THE HEALTH OF THE STATE ADOLPH ROCKEFELLER and others; also various anarchist postcards including EAT THE RICH, Proudhon on government, etc. $.10 each; plus black flag buttons, $.50 each. Write / make checks payable to BLACK-EYE PRESS, Box 30097 Wallingford Station, Seattle, WN. 98103. All proceeds go towards financing other publishing projects. I will pay postage, minimum $5.00 order is appreciated.