Today’s Television


Fifth Estate # 289, January 24, 1978


2 Felix the Cat (Cartoon)
Thinking that they will save the world, Felix & the professor make and sell enough acid to finance a communal farm, but Rock Bottom turns it into a gambling casino.

4 George Pierrot (Travelogue)
George’s guest today is distinguished Korean traveler, Tungsen Park, who shows films of mating customs in a small town in the District of Columbia.


7 Wild World of Sports
Anita Bryant joins the Bay Area Bombers; Evel Knievel jumps bail.

9 Meet the Press
Using biblical evidence, Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin cites Royal Oak, Mich. as part of historic Palestine.

50 American Bandstand
Kiss, Z.Z. Top, Bob Seger and Foghat play Punk Muzak.

2 Twilight Zone
When all of the beer and wine stores on Earth become controlled by aliens the President of the U.S. (Billy Carter) asks NASA to investigate.


4 At The ZOO
Sonny Elliot is slapped by a slug, rammed by a rhino, bitten by a beaver, abused by amphibians, lacerated by lumoxes, humbled by hyenas, castrated by crocodiles.


4 Flash Gordon
Flash (Hua Kuo-feng) battles the diabolical Gang of Four who have melted the polar ice caps and set up laundromats as launching—points for world conquest. Dubbed.

56 Beat The Chump
Reverend Ike and Oral Roberts bowl in a showdown of holy rollers.

9 Tarzan
When Tarzan receives the bill from an ambulance and hospital, he leads an elephant attack on Nairobi. Tarzan (Al Pacino), Jane (Jean Stapleton). Farrah Fawcett Majors makes a rare guest appearance as a shrub.


7 All In The Family
Archie gets an Afro haircut hoping that this will allow him to play the numbers. Meathead is stabbed while registering people to vote in the inner-city.



4 Late Movie
“The Infidel.” Two traders on a caravan find their initial exuberance over a phony land deal join when they discover that they were paid in millions of counterfeit dollars.