Free readers’ ads


Fifth Estate # 290, March 2, 1978

Though we do not accept commercial advertising, this Unclassified ad space is free for our readers’ use. We do not accept ads over the telephone, so please send your ads in writing to our office at: 4403 Second Ave., Detroit, Michigan 48201.

DONNA & CARL—We all received your letters. Glad to hear that you’re both having a great time. Miss you both, Love “the gang.”

HELP!!! Prisoner(s) need professional legal counsel on alternatives to waiving of extradition rights, request to speedy trial, and other Bureau of Prisons suggest ways in which an inmate can EFFECTIVELY dispose of a state detainer for prosecution of criminal charges. Please send speedy response to: Ted Bretton, 89834-132, P.O. Box 1000, Milan, Michigan 48160.

IF there are any Luddite anarchists in the Boston area, please call Kevin at: 965-2364.

ALL SORTS OF NEAT STUFF (junk, collectables, things and other objects)—anyone who wishes to look over that which will not follow me to New Orleans, call: 361-5387 & keep trying. Most free, all cheap. Dave L. (Detroit).

FREE S.F. postering ad service for new pamphlets. We will post 20 of your leaflet-ads in S.F. hot spots in exchange for your posting 20 of ours. Send S.A.S.E. for full details: Boxholder, P.O. Box 42644, S.F., Ca. 94101.

BIRTH CENTER—A collective of ‘Motor City’ midwives in desperate need of car. Anyone who has a spare car that runs and wishes to do the good deed of the year, can contact us at: 842-0430. We are a non-profit making organization.

QUESTION AUTHORITY buttons or bumperstickers $.50 each. Complete list of ANTI-NUKE BUTTONS, BUMPERSTICKERS, T-SHIRTS and “All Atomic Comics” ($1.25 per copy). Write: Kate Donnelly, Box 271-FE, New Vernon, NJ 07976.

NEW SLIDESHOW: “Why there must be a Socialist Revolution in Quebec.” 20 slides and a 30 min. tape of the hottest national liberation struggle in N. Am. Send SASE to: Boxholder, PO Box 42644, S.F., Ca., 94101.


These prisoners would like correspondence with people on the outside:

JAMES I TAYLOR No. 129-810, Box 25, Lorton, Virginia