A Footnote And A Warning


Fifth Estate # 297, April 18, 1979

The Safe Energy Coalition (SECO) is a broadly-based, loose coalition which meets in private homes and encourages the formation of local groups, some of which have been established in places such as Allen Park, Romulus, Westland and other areas. There is no real leadership and little organization. SECO supporters advocate every possible strategy for an anti-nuclear struggle from direct action and occupations to inviting sleazy politicians like Coleman Young to speak at their public forums. Political hacks, such as the Socialist Workers Party, have (in their own jargon) “intervened” in the movement undoubtedly in hopes of transforming such a movement into an SWP-led “peaceful, legal” pressure group and a recruiting ground for their party along the lines of its activities within the U.S. anti-Vietnam war movement. So far its results have been minimal and unimpressive.

We hope that as many people as possible will participate in the demonstration on October 15. We plan on being there since we retch with fear and hatred when we consider any form of nuclear power, and secondly, since we applaud wholeheartedly the burning by human beings of utility bills, identification cards, money, and all such paper appendages of capital. Humans danced upon this planet for 50,000 years without billfolds full of paper. It has only been with the rise of the centralized state, and particularly with the most recent emptying of human content by the repressive modernist evolution of authority and “speak for,” “represent,” or “lead” us. Our hatred for and terror of nuclear power surges from our most spontaneous animal responses, and we won’t trade our LUST FOR FREEDOM AND WILDERNESS for their dry, suffocating realpolitik.

If politicians speak on October 15, we hope that as human animals no one listens any more than they would listen to street noise and sirens. Continue the demo, sing, shout, dance, play music, talk in magic languages to the coyote wandering through the crowd, but don’t be silenced by politicians.

For us, the struggle against nuclear power is only the beginning. We won’t be satisfied until we succeed in reinhabiting the planet. Dance on, Coyoteman!