Artists’ Workshop Press offers


Fifth Estate # 3, January 1966

WORK, a journal of new writing, edited by John Sinclair
$1.00/copy, 4-issue subscriptions $3.00

CHANGE, a new jazz magazine, edited by John Sinclair & Charles Moore, $1.00/copy, 4-issue subscription: $3.00

WORKSHOP BOOKS, new writing from Detroit under the general editorship of Robin Eichele

WB/1 Book of Humors, Jim Senark, 25¢

WB/2 “sit up straight”, George Tysh, 50¢

WB/3 This Is Our Music, John Sinclair, 50¢

WB/4 Hello, J.D. Whitney, 50¢

WB/7 Write About, My Buddies Jerry Younkinz, 25¢

WB/5 The Night-Vision Express: Jim Semark, 50¢

WB/6 Free Poems/Among Friends Volume 1, 50¢

WB/8 Fire Music, John Sinclair $1.00

Order from the: Artists’ Workshop Press, 4825-27 John Lodge, Detroit 48201