Divine Toad Sweat Reports on Neo-Am Church


Fifth Estate # 30, May 15-31, 1967

The Fifth Estate recently received a copy of “Divine Toad Sweat,” Church bulletin of the NeoAmerican Church, headquartered in Mt. Eden, California.

The Neo-American Church, although it does not employ set rituals, subscribes to three basic Principles. As stated in ”Divine Toad Sweat” they are

“1) Everyone has the right to expand his consciousness and stimulate visionary experience by whatever means he considers desirable and proper without interference from anyone;

2) the psychedelic substances, such as LSD, are the True Host of the Church, not “drugs.” They are sacramental foods, manifestations of “the Grace of God,” of the infinite imagination of the Self, and therefore belong to everyone; and

3) the Church does not encourage the inzestion of psychedelics by those who are unprepared.”

In response to the major religions of the world today, the Neo-American Church has “purposely injected massive doses of absurdity into our embryonic social fantasy, hoping that it may grow up to be an instructive puzzle rather than the usual collection of dead – letter laws… it has never been our objective to add one more swollen institutional substitute for individual virtue to the already crowded list.”

The Church is active in the anti-war movement and favors abolition of the draft. It is currently organizing a civilian medical combat team of at least one hundred members who are being trained in emergency treatment to serve the wounded in North Vietnam.

Boo Hoos, Neo-American Church clerics, are being sought by the Church. It is possible to obtain a 4-D draft classification, that exempting ordained clerics and seminarians, and thus far two Boo Hoos have achieved such a deferment. Future Boo Hoos will be furnished with the necessary letters requesting deferment or exemption.

The church has been plagued with legal problems regarding the utilization of drugs or psychedelics or sacraments within their religious services. Chief Boo Hoo Arthur Kleps has urged all Church leaders to defy the law and continue the celebration of holy communion with the psychedelics. The Neo-Americanists, along with Dr. Timothy Leafy refuse any moratorium on LSD until its legal status is cleared up—it is regarded as a vital religious function.

If you wish to join the Church or desire more information write to: “The Neo-American Church,” P.O. Box 191, Mt. Eden, California, 94557. A $5 donation is requested of all new members.