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Fifth Estate # 320, Spring, 1985

The Libertarian Book Club offers anarchist books, newspapers, and magazines. 20% discount included with a $5 yearly membership. Send SASE to: Libertarian Book Club, 339 Lafayette St., New York, NY 10012, Room 202.

An anarcho-communist newspaper, Libertarian Workers Bulletin, has recently released vol. 7 no. 1 which includes an extended article concerning “The Anarchist Case Against Terrorism.” The Libertarian Workers for a Self-Managed Society can be reached by writing: P.O. Box 20, Parkville 3052, Melbourne Victoria, Australia.

The Open Road Club offers the April-May issue of the Daily Impulse, a bimonthly anti-authoritarian news journal with a focus on the San Diego area. Subs are $5 yearly. Contact them at: P.O. Box 90312, San Diego, CA 92109.

We received a flyer from the Anarchist Feminist Group announcing the availability of the Winter ’85 version of “Anarchist Feminist Magazine.” Not having seen the magazine, no comment is forthcoming but you can reach the group at: BM Hurricane, London WC1 3XX.

Instead of a Magazine, a publication of the Lysander Spooner Society, is now available in its Spring ’85 edition. It contains an array of anarchist correspondence and articles including, “Anarchy: Mind, Body, and Soul”, and “Class Struggle.” Individual subs are $6.50 for 5 issues. Contact the Society at: P.O. Box 4333, Willimantic, CT 06226.

A new anarchist publication is currently available out of Nashville. The April ’85 issue of Ministry of Truth (ironically named for Orwell’s propaganda building in 1984) contains fare on religious cults, abortion, and an interesting piece called “Anarchy is Not a Spectator Sport.” Subs are $6 for 12 months. Check them out by writing: 203 Lynwood Blvd., Nashville, TN 37205.

Issue 3 of the New Anarchist Review offers an interesting compilation of book and pamphlet reviews, including ability. This free pamphlet is offered by: New Anarchist Review, c/o Dark Star, 5 Caledonian Road, London Ni 9DX.

Urgi-Orp No. 9 is upon us and as usual contains some great stuff. A continuing series on vivisection, and articles on world hunger, civilization, and anarcho-garbonzoism are but a small part of the fare that is included in this issue. For subs contact Nicole at: 36-2300 Ogilvie Road, Gloucester, Ontario, Canada K1J 7X8.

We just received a note from Dave Barbarash that the March ’85 issue of the AANN Bulletin will be the last. The Anti-Authoritarian News Network will refocus their energies in other directions. They -can still be reached at: PO Box 915, Station F, Toronto, Ontario M4Y 2N9. Mike Gunderloy’s Factsheet Five, 41 Lawrence St., Medford MA 02155, is an amazing compilation of newspaper, fanzines and books, many from the anti-authoritarian milieu. 52 pages; $1.75 & thanks to FF for their nice comments about the Fifth Estate.

Just as we were completing the paper a new and exciting publication from Ann Arbor, Michigan, came our way, Artificial Dissemination, produced by the Student Information Collective (c/o Michigan Student Assembly, 3909 Michigan Union, Ann Arbor MI 48109). AD people have engaged in a “green bicycle project”: by performing an exorcism on bikes they had gathered, the bikes underwent “a concrete transformation from capitalist commodities to anarchist gifts.” A splendid synthesis of modern theory and primitive desire. Check them out.

The Baby & The Bathwater, Bob Black, 2000 Center St., No. 1314, Berkeley CA 94704, 135pp xerox, $5. Bob’s one man war against Processed World magazine is heating up out on the West Coast, with fists, yogurt cups and law suits flying. The Byzantine plot of Baby…, which details Black’s charges against PW, will probably only make sense and be of interest to anarcho-insiders and ultimately one wishes both sides would just stop. Black refuses to deal PW the cruelest blow of all which would be to ignore them and get back to producing his biting broadsides. PW folks do come off like sleazes, but Black hardly fares much better in his own account. PW must have a side, but since they refuse to send us their publication because of some ancient offense of ours, we haven’t a clue what it is. Black, incidentally, blames us for the whole mess since we refused to publish his original salvo against PW which we rejected on several grounds.