Trans-Love Closes “See”


Fifth Estate # 34, July 15-31, 1967

The SEE, the new concerthouse opened last month by Trans-Love Energies Unlimited of Detroit, closed its doors after only two weekends in operation.

The hippy-run coffeehouse, which featured music by the MC-5, the Spikedrivers, the Passing Clouds, Billy C. and the Sunshine, and the Charles Moore Ensemble during its brief history, along with lights by the Magic Veil Light Company, ran into business snags that made operation of the cooperative concerthouse impossible, according to former manager and Fifth Estate staff member John Sinclair.

“The SEE’s problem,” Sinclair explained, “became insurmountable for the Trans-Love community.”

Present and future plans call for a new business alliance which will result in the opening of the Varsity Ballroom, at Six Mile and Varsity Theatre, to be operated by the Trans-Love people exclusively.