Detroit Women’s Action Collective


Fifth Estate # The Rumble, Issue 1

Detroit Women’s Action Collective is a new group in Detroit. It was formed in response to a need to build a community of women who support each other as they put their ideas into action. Not intended as a “NOW” type organization fighting to be equals in an oppressive society, the group hopes to create a unique women’s culture based on shared power and an egalitarian society. Though planning to work on more than “women’s” issues, the first project the DWAC has undertaken is a public education/harassment campaign against a phony abortion clinic. Theater, leafletting and protests have already alerted the community and demoralized the right to lifers at the clinic. The phony clinic has also been hit at least twice by pesky mischief makers, liberally festooning it and the offensive billboard out front with paint. Also, a conference including workshops on the intersection of race and gender and alternative health systems is in the works for early summer, so stay tuned. If you are interested in DWAC, you can email them at or attend twice monthly meetings on the first Sunday and third Tuesday of each month held at the Trumbull Theater in Detroit at 4210 Trumbull Ave. (@ the corner of Trumbull and Willis.)