Emma and Oona


Fifth Estate # 356, Spring, 2002

Oona Sofia Wieski—Nov. 21, 1980-Feb. 12, 2002

Emma Alyse Berger—Sept. 26, 1980-Feb. 12, 2002

Oona and Emma and their Trumbullplex housemates, very special soul mates, were returning from an incredible journey to Hawaii, when a terrible automobile crash occurred only 10 minutes from Emma’s uncle’s house in Albuquerque, New Mexico, on February 12.

Emma and Oona died instantly. Jesse Waters was seriously injured. We wish him a speedy recovery. Jason Smolinski was able to walk away from the accident.

In Hawaii, they had been staying in a tree house, hiking around volcanoes, swimming in bottomless pools, sleeping on beaches, eating coconuts and passion fruit. The last conversations with Emma on the phone were so descriptive of the joyous experiences they were all having.

Words fail to express the deep loss everyone who knew Oona and Emma feel. In Emma’s brief life, she touched so many people, giving hope, a smile, or a hug to all she met.

Oona was a gardener, a cook, a geologist, a linguist, a prankster, an organizer, a Detroiter, an anarchist, an explorer, an adventurer, a pirate, a lover, and like Emma, our buddy, our friend and much more.

For those wishing to make contributions in their name, send donations in c/o Wayne Association for Collective Housing, 4210 Trumbull, Detroit MI 48207.

We at the Trumbullplex would like to share a few words with you regarding what Oona and Emma meant to us. Inside a poverty stricken Detroit, the Trumbullplex is three collectively owned houses and a community theatre space. Together we try to live the revolution in our everyday lives. The loss of our two beloved friends is nothing less then losing family. Oona lived in the collective for about three years, and to our delight, Emma had recently decided to join us.

They were both incredibly passionate people. They shared so many desires and dreams, inspiring all of us with their determination to make them come true. What they offered our struggles is irreplaceable. The loss of three amazing, anarchist womyn this year—Oona, Emma and our friend, Sera, who took her own life one month before the accident—is a devastating blow to our community, but we must keep their fires burning as best we can to create the world they believed in.

It is foolish to think we could, in a few words, even begin to describe all that they gave. However, we will do our best to return their contributions by showing the world how much they meant to us.

Our lives are forever changed

Collectives and community

Have never had so much meaning.

Dreaming, never so needed

For awaking and walking outside,

For returning forests and reclaiming streets,

For visioning a world,

Like Oona and Emma,

Truly free.

—In loving memory,
the Trumbullplex Anarchist Collective