On the covers


Fifth Estate # 357, Summer 2002

Cover image, Issue 357, Summer 2002. Headline reads, "Life During Wartime," The cover features a linocut by Richard Mock depicting an eagle surrounded by rockets and nuclear weapons.

Richard Mock (front)

I contribute my social commentary linocut images to the FE to add weight to the humanist argument against fear and power mongers taking over the world. The activities of large collective organizations like corporations and governments create a constant barrage of false information and phantoms to justify their controlling structures and systematic programmed removal of the earth’s natural resources that in truth are the outer body of all of us who are on this planet.

My graphic art brings that individual focus with the emotions and intuitions we all possess to play against the floating phantoms represented in today’s commercial media. I have been doing social commentary for newspapers since 1978. Amazingly, I have had the work appear in institutional rags such as the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal and United Nations publications, Populi and Development Forum. I have always been lucky to find people with humanity in their make up as the art directors of those publications at the time. With a little agreement NOTES do get passed through the bars of established institutions by individual actions. At present I send out my social commentary linocut images to about 55 newspapers internationally through The Cartoonists and Writers Syndicate.

—Richard Mock
Brooklyn, New York

Albo Jeavons (back)

Philadelphia-based, art school dropout, Albo Jeavons is a long-time pleasure-activist working with grassroots anarchist, queer, and AIDS groups. Also a volunteer at the resilient Wooden Shoe bookstore, his work has appeared on t-shirts, posters, stickers, lamp-posts, toilet stalls, and the Internet, and in magazines, books, VCRs, zines, film festivals, and even, occasionally, in art galleries.

We hope to feature more of his “subvertisements” in the future; on his website (www.adanon.org), he writes:

“As people not directly involved in the production and dissemination of spectacular culture, we are ready to confront the damage that has been done to our loved ones and to ourselves. As ‘consumers’ we have hit bottom. We are ready to be actual people again, and to confront the stunting of our creativity, the twisting of our psyches, the indoctrination, the belittling, and the dumbing-down.

“Our first principle is that there is no we without you. We have no employees, no members, no headquarters, and we are profoundly allergic to leaders and hierarchy. If you agree with our basic message, and you want to participate, then you are already one of us.”