Fifth Estate # 40, October 15-31, 1967


Dear Sir:

The Underground Press has opened the eyes of many Americans to much of life that they otherwise would not know of. But many of the more intelligent readers still do not understand homosexuality, especially some hippies who, due to their long hair, etc., have been falsely accused of being gay.

So maybe your readers would like to know that our organization, which is homosexual although all supporters are not, has individuals who will give lectures on homosexuals to civic clubs, church groups, college classes and social organizations wanting to know more about the subject.

We also welcome inquiries from individuals who are personally and professionally interested in homosexuals. We have a service for those needing psychological, legal, religious, etc., help.

William Edward Glovej
3473-1/2 Cahuenga Blvd.
Hollywood, Calif. 90028

To the Editors:

Do you think it would be useful to spread artificial flowers on the tracks in front of troop trains, send chess sets to concentration camps for use by future political prisoners, or maybe set up a civilizing committee in your own neighborhood?

If none of these appeals to you, perhaps you have a better idea—satirical or serious, new or used. An idea can change the world, so don’t keep it to yourself.

Resistance Press, P.O. Box 592, Chicago, Illinois, 60690, is preparing an article on imaginative, potentially effective direct action tactics, and would like to hear your suggestions.

The article will be distributed for publication to more than 50 non-establishment journals, along with other news and feature items gathered by the independent news services staff of volunteer correspondents.

Chuck Doerer

Dear Peter and Harvey:

Love from the holy land. Just read the first 5th ESTATE I’ve seen in 4 months and feel concerned. I see there is much confusion over the LSD-chromosome issue. Perhaps I can shed some light for those who are concerned.

Two studies have gone on independently here in the Bay Area. One was conducted in Berkeley by Tony Sargent and several others, and the other by a Dr. Petnakos at the UC Medical Center in San Francisco. Both these studies used high dose, long term LSD users and in both studies there was found to be no significant difference in the amount of chromosome damage between users and non-users.

It is interesting that the study by Sergeant et al was submitted to SCIENCE magazine within 2 months after Maimon Cohen’s article in that magazine. It was Cohen’s article which implied so much about potential chromosome damage. For some reason the paper by Sargent et al was refused publication and only after much hassling has he gotten SCIENCE to agree to print it. It will be seen in the journal within the next two months, but there’s a full year since Cohen’s article appeared and much fear has been instilled.

Nobody knows the final story on chromosomes, but you’re not getting a fair share of the information. There is equally as much evidence pointing to no damage as there is on the other side.

I have a feeling that this is only the beginning of an awful lot of slanted half-data aimed at frightening people away from LSD. As always, caution and moderation would do one well, but we have civilizations that have been eating morning glory seeds (whose active ingredient is LSD), peyote, visionary mushrooms and countless other psychedelics for centuries. I have no doubt there are dangers with LSD, but they are controllable ones and they are most likely not to your chromosomes.

Love and Peace,

Sheil Salasnek, M.D.
San Francisco

Dear Fifth Estate:

We just now are trying your home remedy for a freaky grass-like high (aspirin and tobacco). It tastes awful and is constantly going out. But it trips you when you least expect it. You know it does!

When you are fixing your mixture, put it in a bottle and shake well making sure the tobacco is covered with a light film of aspirin.


Ed. Note: We are still skeptical! Any other experiences?

Dear Editors:

Many supporters and members of Young Americans for Freedom were quite upset with “Young Conservatives Against Draft, For Pot,” FIFTH ESTATE, October 1-15, 1967, and so rather than trying to cop out of the whole thing by saying I was misquoted or letting several accurate but incompletely explained and misleading statements stand, I will attempt to clarify.

The U.S. Constitution, in my opinion represents a dramatic break from the tribal collectivist mentality which existed in Europe and the whole civilized world. I am in agreement with the overwhelming majority of the sentiments involved in the documents. But, constitutions should be as explicitly clear about ideology as they are about the details of governmental structure.

The U.S. Constitution is, unfortunately, not. Examples of this are well known and have been used with much frequency since the New Deal to justify legislation of a coercive and collectivist nature. More to the point, our government has been infringing on individual liberty in one capacity or another continuously since 1787.

Slavery, Tariffs, conscription, redistribution of wealth, legislated morality, subsidies, public education, public post office, Jim Crow, etc. All could not have existed with an ideologically explicit constitution. I am very sorry, but these acts of coercion and injustice have coexisted with the U.S. Constitution, from Marshall through Warren.

As for legislation of pot and abolition of the draft, those are the official acts of Michigan YAF. Anyone upset with these two stands must take on the whole state organization.

Terry Epton, Chairman
Oakland County YAF