The stories are where healing lies


Fifth Estate # 402, Winter 2019

It is where the old man who said nothing Becomes the hero of the day

Where the time I choose to leave

Becomes the time I am willing to stay

It is where the cockroaches do not fly Scaring the shit out of me and my wards Where avocados are always in season And everyone will fight for a worthy cause

It’s where the store owner does say good morning For human beings are social we’re told Where we no longer strive for things For nothing has to be owned

It is where keys are left indoors

Car, house or shop, let it be

Where good health is the optimum target And profits don’t drive pharmacies.

The place where your genius lies

Is handled with love and with care

The gurus who open your eyes

Release the possibilities that lie calmly there.

The stories can heal and make good

The pain caused by fear and by lies

The red becomes blue, green or orange

The power of day and of night

Stories can bring healing

Change the content

Change it all

Rewrite your own damn story

Make your ending

Your own call.

Mbeke Waseme is a LeapEd senior education advisor and lead coach in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

She has published poetry, Exploring all of me, and Make the changes, feel the joy, a self-help book. She has worked as a writer, a photojournalist, and a DJ. She has taught in the UK, Cameroon, Ghana, Jamaica, and the US.

Her short stories and poems have been published in Pure Slush, The Writers Café, and Dove Tales.

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