Art in the Fifth Estate


Fifth Estate # 406, Spring, 2020

P. 6 Greg Giegucz is a multimedia artist living and working in New Orleans. He moved to New Orleans from New York to draw its devastated landscape, still recovering from Hurricane Katrina.

P. 9 John Gruntfest is a saxophonist and artist. His free form jazz draws upon western and eastern radical artistic and philosophical traditions Ives to Coltrane, Buddha to Marx, Goldman to Debord, Whitman to Artaud.

P. 33 Bria Sanborn draws and works in rural, mid-state Maine. She co-edits the prison abolition zine, Fire Ant, available from Bloomington ABC at Or, write PO Box 164, Harmony ME 04942

P. 18 Barbara Carson-McHale (Lowrie) began working in pastel four years ago. In the early 1970s, she was a staff photographer and writer for the Fifth Estate and was a founder of the women’s radio show, All Together Now, in Detroit from 1970-75.

P. 23 Steven Cline is a writer and collage artist living in Atlanta, Georgia. He co-edits the surrealist journal Peculiar Mormyrid, and his most recent book, Planetoid Sassafras, is available from Montag Press.

P. 24 James Koehnline is a Seattle collage artist known for book and CD cover art. He is the editor of Gone to Croatan and creator of the Jubilee Saints Calendar which is in its 28th year. Facebook, or jkoehnline – at – isomedia – dot – com.

P. 27 Flavio Constantini (1924-2013) reproduced in The Art of Anarchy (Cienfuegos Press, 1975).

P. 31 John Maggie is an artist working in Hamtramck, Mich. His work has been shown at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit, Jack Hanley Gallery (New York City), and Simone DeSousa (Detroit), among others. He has produced numerous art books.

P. 39 Armageddon Beachparty. Painting named after Oya, an ancient African Goddess representing death, rebirth & female power juxtaposed by Gidget the mischievous transdimensional feline deity of our creation. The base is an antique Victorian portrait of a stately black woman, stoically posed and originally photographed in a Detroit studio of the time.