Fifth Estate # 41, November 1-15, 1967

UNCLASSIFIEDS cost 50 cents per line per issue. Figure four words per line. (A word is a word, including one and two letter words. A phone number is a word. Street numbers are words. Abbreviations should be sensible).

DISCOUNT RATES: Five runs cost 35 cents per line.

The FIFTH ESTATE can use the donation of two postage scales; a small ounce scale and one for packages over a pound. Also, does anyone have an old electric addressing machine and a small safe. If so, please contact the office. 831-6800

MUSIC LESSONS: GUITAR – all styles. Also violin and mandolin. Located near Wayne campus I Kirsch. 831-5266.

Free kittens. 831-2203. evenings.

Ten feet Indian Python, $80 plus cage; good pet—Call Herbie after 10, 884-7759

Let’s cooperate and make some money. I have several halves of Sunoco dollar bills, if you have another half we can get together and share the wealth. I have two left half of $100 Sunny Dollars; the right half of a $1000, Sunny Dollar and the upper-half of another type of $1000 bill. If you have the mate to these call Peter at the Fifth Estate office, 831-6800 or send info to 1107 W. Warren, Detroit. P.S. This may be a way for other readers to win these gas station games; why not use an unclassified ad to try it. I’ll give a report on how my venture worked out.

Girl of brown velvet coat would like to meet boy she talked to at the Donovan concert who has purple velvet coat. Call Naomi 862-3052.

Anyone with Super 8 mm film of the October 21st Demonstration in Washington, D.C.—I have some too—Would like to trade copies to make both films more complete. Call Nick: 873-7445.

Treason! Obscenity! Very Funny (and not so funny) Buttons! 5/$1. Also write for special titles. Big Al, 17215 Kentucky, Detroit, 48221.

WANTED: Babysitter for 1-1/2 year old child. Prefer woman 20-30 years and faculty or graduate wife, 2 days aweek, more later. WSU area, call 831-5992.

Audition for new musical satire “Love and War,” 3 men, one woman, opens in January, call VA2-8206, ask for Bill or Dave.

APHRODISIACS. For lovers and flubbers – there is coming better times. Samples and Material: $2 to: Coman Research Box 352, N.Y., N.Y. 10011.

Candy K: Zema awaits your call. TW3-8100 Ext. 22

Ed. H. What’s your problem? Don’t blow your mind too much baby, I liked you the way you were. Jo.

Take me to your bosom. New in town; would like to hear from some interesting females. Call Don. 965-9029 (late).

Craig – I love you. Please come back. Chris. Oct. 18, 1965 – 2 yrs.

Patty N., Dearborn. Call Cousin Roger. 862-1396.

Female Siamese cat would dig balling male Siamese. Call Mehay, 832-2171.

Do the one thing an honorable person can do when he receives a Fall-out Shelter Questionaire from the Commerce Dept.—rip it up and send it back to them in the return envelope.

WHAT IS THE GOGLER’S? A political satire (book) where asso-immolation is culture, and the stiff with the biggest gets to be the Cogg (Chief). In breeding makes the Cogglers crazy and a majority of one gives control in a Democrazy. A Supreme Court. A political convention with colors (sects ). And finally Asstute says what a guy has behind him is more important in making him the Cogg than what’s in front of him. Publication date, 11/15/67. Order now. $4.35 uncovers all costs. SATURN BOOKS, 257 S. Spring, L.A. Calif. 90012.

Ukna’ Ray – – James Wong – God repossessed my Teflon finger bowls. Please advise re: my delinquen account. Unka Dan

Male tryouts for a play on conflict Arab – Israeli. Detroit Drama Workshop, 342-5987.

Girls – Well endowed handsome male bachelor available for private nude modeling. Call anytime, 561-3400.

Be in the groove. Listen to CHYR Radio, 710 Kiloherts. YR is with it. Midnite to 6 a.m.

Girls wanted 18 – ? Biracial for one or all of the following: Pose for pictures, partake of free love parties, do or have done anything in the way of the bizarre and unusual, couples with exotic tastes and desire for parties. Women that like men and women are invited to join in the fun, with 3 of the swinginest guys in town. Write to: Jim DeVoe, 30709 Ford Rd. Apt. 9, Garden City, Mich. 48135.

Marjorie Lynn Please call home collect or otherwise.

Discover God. Write M. Anteau, 5857 Oakwood, Monroe, 48161.

UP-TIGHT WITH THE DRAFT? If you are threatened, worried, or faced with the Selective Service System do not leave your fate to chance or listen to the advice of friends. Go to an expert, free draft counselor. Central Methodist Church, Sundays 8-10 p. m. All welcome.

Coming soon: Artist’s Workshop Anthology. Send poetry, prose to Artist’s Workshop, 4867 John Lodge, Detroit, Mich. 48201

Our business is doing research work for contest fans. Millions of dollars are won each year by people just like you. Send just fifty cents for a one year registration fee and we’ll send the details. Lawrence’s Service, 720 South Beacon Avenue Number Three, Los Angeles, California. 90017

SEX YOUR HANG UP? Our vaginal vibrator could turn you on. Take on your next trip. For free literature send legal size, stamped envelope to: PEN—VIB Co., Box 723, So. San Francisco, Calif. 94080

SINGLE MEN OVER 21. Male nudism is popular among free thinkers. Fully illustrated magazine carries all info. State age, send $3.00 to Solstice Society, Dept. F, Box 3775, Van Nuys, Ca. 91407

WANTED: Interviews with long term LSD users for medical research project at Lafayette Clinic. Interviewees will be paid. Call Dr. Stanley Barron at WO3-5400.

Get your golden nut paper weight. Only $1.00 P.P. Riley’s, 360 – 52nd St. SE, Grand Rapids, 49508

MOONGLASSES – Psyche Shades, see the Spectrum, day or night $5.00 postpaid, CHANDRA, P.O. 261, Gaithersburg, Md. 20760. Dealers inquire

IRISH BACHELOR wants housekeeper. Girl age 25-38. One child welcome. Also do some typing. Call 826-3848.

Buttons, posters, diffraction jewels, BYM, Box 783. Berkeley, Calif. 94701.

Wanted: Open minded female to trip out together. Write to Charlie, 20491 Roscommon, Harper Woods, Mich.

I would like to meet someone just learning to play the guitar. (I’m a beginning myself.) Dennis 831-5449.