Fifth Estate # 53, May 1-15, 1968

To the Editors:

The Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee has asked support for a nationwide trading stamps drive through which it hopes to equip its Atlanta, Ga., garage. SNCC has recently been able to obtain, through redeeming such stamps, three mini-buses as well as several battery chargers, and tire-changing, wheel-balancing and other equipment which enables it to keep its cars operational.

All kinds of trading stamps can be used, SNCC says, but most helpful are S & H Green, Blue Chip, Top Value, Holden Red and Gold Bond. It asks that stamps be sent to Marin County Friends of SNCC. P.O. Box 210, Mill Valley, Ca. 94941.

Al Lowry, Chairman
Marin Friends of SNCC


Today I tried to buy your fine newspaper at Fera’s Bookstore. I was denied purchase because I was underage. They seem to have a self-imposed age limit of 21. I am 17. This was the first time I tried to purchase my Fifth Estate at this store.

Other outlets for your newspaper haven’t questioned my age or my right to buy the Fifth Estate I think this action is unlawful and steps should be taken against this establishment, like a general boycott of the store.

Roy Nieman

Editor’s note: We can understand how you feel, but don’t blame Fera’s. When stores have limits like this it is caused by local police harassment. These stores should be supported, not boycotted because of their willingness to carry the paper in the face of official pressures.

Dear Editor:

I have just finished reading Thomas Haroldson’s review of “La Guerre Est Finie” and to say the least I was very disappointed. I must admit that Resnais’ cinematographic techniques left me somewhat confused after watching the movie the first time; but after watching it the second time I was able to concentrate on the story since I didn’t have to bother trying to distinguish what was actually happening from the protagonist’s thoughts as was necessary the first time.

What Haroldson called “flash forwards,” by the way, were not looks at the future but, as I have said, the man’s thoughts. If Mr. Haroldson couldn’t figure this out then it’s no wonder that he didn’t like the movie; he didn’t understand what was going on.

If Haroldson has seen “La Guerre” only once, perhaps he should see it again; if he’s seen it more than once perhaps he had better stop writing movie reviews.

Robert S. Fox
Huntington Woods

Dear Sirs:

This is to acknowledge receipt of the first issue of Fifth Estate and to thank you for your interest in the men here and my work with them. We all enjoyed this issue very much and are looking forward to receiving more.

There are so many men here who have not heard from a single person in so long that they feel as though they have been completely forgotten. Your paper will not only shed some light where there is very little, but will help show them that there is someone outside who is interested in them.

Father Del Holmes
Chaplin Georgia State Prison
Reidsville, Ga.


I’m writing to let you know exactly what I think of your paper. Because I cannot think of a stronger word, disgusting is the one I’ll have to use. The Fifth Estate is a filthy, perverted publication that reflects the thinking of a small but sad group of people.

You seem to have a lot to say against every policy of America’s, and you say it in the most disloyal, unpatriotic way possible. You and your staff are a detriment to the American society and make me ashamed to admit that you are my fellow Americans.

I’ve been saving for college, but if a few of you would agree to leave the country, I’d consider it a privilege to pay your fares and get you out of my country. You are bums, just bums.

Theresa Mirasole