Radio Rapper After SDS


Fifth Estate # 55, June 4-18, 1968

“Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) foment disruption on campuses around the country, and contribute nothing to Wayne State University.”

The pontificating prose belongs to J.J. Scott, WTAK (1090-AM) announcer. His apparent vendetta has one main objective: to rid Wayne’s campus of SDS by September.

“Anywhere else is fine, but not on campus. They can move their offices across the street for all 1 care,” the controversial- radio personality explained.

He added that SDS has been removed from campuses in the past without the student disruption that the student-run organization threatens, and can be done again. The only means he plans to utilize to meet his goal, Scott said, are “legal.”

It is believed that Scott has already begun his tasks by pressuring the University administration, and keeping close ties with the Michigan State Senate.

A spokesman for the WSU Central Administration reported ‘that they have received no pressures from Scott, and that they would probably not take any action as long as SDS met with University requirements for student activity groups. “The individual has the right to believe in what he wants, and the right to an education,” he said.

Mark Shapiro, SDS chairman at Wayne, said Scott’s plot was a part of his being “new to the city—trying to-make a name for himself, so his fascist mentality picked on the Students for a Democratic Society.”

Shapiro walked away smiling as I sang:

“Sticks and stones

may break our bones;

but J.J. Scott

will never hurt us.”

When asked what he thought of Scott’s objectives and accusations, another SDS member said, “Nothing! J.J. will be back on the farm when SDS is still on campus.”

Just as an aside, Scott is on the air between noon and 3:00 and can be reached by telephone: 535-6333. If requested, he will talk to you on the air.

One last comment (from Sol Plafkin, attorney at law, among other things, the oldest living member of the Young Democrats, who turned his draft card in at the tender age of 38), “Oh hell, the South End (student newspaper) is more radical at Wayne than SDS.”