Fifth Estate # 67, November 28-December 11, 1968

Red Roach Rides
by the Roach Editor

The Red Roach coffee house is open!

It’s hard to find, but look around the corner at Plum and Fifth, the barnwood door between two red and purple gaslights, go upstairs, you’re there,

The place is improvisional, a room for artists to meet, play their music, read they poems, just do their thing. There are two stages, one for the performer, one for the audience, a groove stage with bath tub and a large screen for light shows.

People can get into the lightshow and feel the colors flow, the light equipment is there for anyone in a creative mood to use…coffee of different kinds, herb teas and Greek pastries are available along with Greek bread, goat cheese and peppers.

Most of the entertainment is improvisational, just come down and see who’s there. The Red Roach opens at 9 and closes when everyone leaves.

Church Won’t Pay

The Fourteenth Avenue Methodist Church has decided not to pay the Federal tax on its phone bill which is used to finance the war in Vietnam.

The congregation, in a moving debate, decided this is one way they could show their opposition to the war. Phyllis Hall said, “My son is in Vietnam and I don’t think the Church will be deserting him, but will be helping him by voicing opposition to the war.”

Rev. Richard Venus, pastor of the church, told the congregation that there were possibilities of prosecution, but “the brutal nature of this war demanded of Christians that they do not remain silent.”

Abortions Now!

DETROIT (LNS)—All women should be able to get safe, legal abortions as a “personal right,” according to a resolution passed by the American Public Health Association at its recent conference. The Association made it clear that it approved of abortion not only for “medical” reasons, but for reasons related to family planning.

It is expected that the radically new stand of the 23,000 member association would help in the fight against antiquated and rigid abortion laws. Dr. John J. Hanlon, assistant U.S. Surgeon General, spoke at the conference noting that about 100,000 illegal abortions take place in the U.S. annually. He said that the availability of safe, legal abortions would have a beneficial impact on the nation’s health.

Fug in Coma after Self-Suck Attempt

Special to the Fifth Estate

NEW YORK, Nov. 20—Ed Sanders, leader of the FU GS, was found unconscious last night in a circular position on the floor of a shower stall in his New York apartment.

Police called to the scene said Sanders was locked in a body position with himself “so bestial and disgusting that we almost puked.”

Hip observers noted that Mr. Sanders’ semicircular scrunch-posture was remarkably similar to the wadded-up remains in certain stone age North African graveyards.

After prying him apart, police searched Sanders’ apartment, confiscating Mr. Sanders’ albino penguin and coming across large quantities of smut, poetry and grass, Also confiscated was a weirdly painted vaporizer which police said was spewing out some sort of cannabinous dope-smog.

Mr. Sanders is still unconscious following surgical efforts to straighten his back. More information to follow.