Common Ground Exhibit


Fifth Estate # 79, May 15-28, 1969

On Sunday, May 18, from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m., the Detroit Artists’ Market, 1452 Randolph will open an exhibit entitled “The Common Ground” which will include new work by 22 artists of the Common Ground of the Arts.

The exhibit will continue through Saturday, June 14.

Contributors will be Patricia Duff, George Ettl, James Lewandowski, Jonnie Russel, Marilyn Schechter, G. Alden Smith, Jerry Gibbons, Al Hebert, Stanley Rosenthal, Bradley Jones, William Jordan, George Rogers, Arthur Wenk, Marie Tapert, Gary Boyll, Stanley Dolega, Edmund Morais, Jean Pollack, Nolan Ross, Michael Frantz, Bette Klegon, and Aris Koutroulis.

The Common Ground of the Arts was originally formed in the early 1960s and met in the Volunteers of America building in Detroit. In 1963 they moved to the old Racine Foundry building on East Warren. At that time the group was reformed with a complete change of membership.

George Rogers was the man most responsible for the success of the Common Ground of the Arts during its four year occupation of these quarters. During this stage, it became a non-profit organization and received a small 3 year matching funds grant from the National Arts Foundation.

Since November of 1968, the Common Ground of the Arts has occupied the top floor of 4229 Cass.

Its central location, good studios and adequate heat and light, have given the Common Ground of the Arts new momentum and many outstanding new members.

Any artist may apply for studio membership by presenting a portfolio of work to be judged by artists of the Common Ground. Arthur W. Wenk is the group’s current chairman.