Festivals All Over


Fifth Estate # 82, June 26-July 9, 1969

Mike Quatro, the producer of the “Detroit Pop Festival” last April is bringing us another festival, complete with at least seventeen local and national rock attractions with a carnival-festival atmosphere.

The event is being held in a meadow at Pottawatamie Beach, a mile north of Saugatuck, Michigan during the July 4th weekend. See ad in this issue for details.

According to a festival spokesman, fans are urged to come early since crowds are expected to be about 15,000 per day. Food and parking will be available on the grounds and poster, incense and jewelry booths will be offering their wares. In the event of rain sit tight, keep dry and wait until Sunday.

Featured will be the MC5, SRC, the Stooges, Amboy Dukes, The Caste, Bob Seger, The Procol Harum, Muddy Waters, The Frost, Savage Grace, Big Mama Thornton, Rotary Connection, Arthur Brown, Brownsville Station, Fruit of the Loom, The Red White and Blues Band, and John Lee Hooker.

Festivals are popping up everywhere. There will be an all-time killer blues festival in Ann Arbor with everyone from John Lee Hooker to Muddy Waters playing, but details are incomplete at this time. More next issue.

Atlanta will host an “International Pop Festival” July 4 and 5 featuring Canned Heat, Johnny Winters, Dave Brubeck and others. Write Pop Festivals, 1447 Peachtree, Atlanta, Ga. for ticket information.

There will be Atlantic City Pop Festival August 1-3 with B.B. King, Janis Joplin, Byrds, Little Richard, Dr. John and others at the Atlantic City Race Track. For tickets write A.C. Pop Festival, 22nd and Arch Streets, Philadelphia or call 215-Lo3-9284.

In Detroit! the Michigan music scene has been enhanced by the reappearance of Creem Magazine. Creem has a new format and editorial direction since ex-editor, Tony Reay (alias Ice Alexander), was dumped from the paper.

Tony apparently has found a new home at the Detroit News. We hope both of them will be very happy.

But dig the new Creem. It’s a rock newspaper about the Michigan music that’s going to burn the country down.