Get What’s Yours


Fifth Estate # 84, July 24-August 6, 1969

According to a recent article in the Detroit Free Press only 17% of “deprived” families eligible for State aid under the Federal Food Stamp plan have taken advantage of it.

Food stamps are purchased from the Michigan Department of Social Services for, say $56 a month, and are redeemable at most supermarkets for $86 worth of groceries. That is a bonus of $30.

Who can qualify is determined by the total amount of your monthly income, your liquid assets, and extenuating circumstances. A single person can earn a maximum of $125 a month and be eligible; a family of two can earn a maximum of $185 and so on.

A lot of us are functionally poor persons and there is no reason not to utilize any service the government is willing to provide.

You can apply at the Social Service office on Temple at John Lodge or look in the telephone directory under the State of Michigan for the office nearest you. Check it out, the people don’t hassle you and it’s a good way to stretch a limited income.