The Pope Trips Up


Fifth Estate # 343, Fall-Winter, 1993

His Holiness, Pope John Paul II, tripped on his robe as he was ascending the three stairs to his throne and dislocated his shoulder, Nov. 11, a spokesman for the Vatican reported. Perhaps this was karmic retribution for papal sponsorship of the destruction of the Apache sacred land on Arizona’s Mt. Graham to build an observatory.

The driving force behind the Vatican’s involvement in the Mt. Graham project is one Fr. George Coyne, J.S., who is extremely hostile to traditional Apache spiritual beliefs, stating they “must be suppressed with all the force that we can muster.”

Coyne and the other wacko jesuits who run the papal program have teamed up with NASA to search for extraterrestrial life. Coyne told the October 18, 1992 London Daily Telegraph, “The Church is obligated to address the question of whether extraterrestrials might be brought into the fold and baptized. ”

POPE, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! Your next mishap will be worse if you do not leave the land of the Apaches!