Leary Guilty


Fifth Estate # 100, March 5-18, 1970

SANTA ANA, Cal., Feb. 20—Dr. Tim Leary, his wife and son were found guilty here on charges of possession of marijuana and LSD.

Superior Court Judge Byron Mcmillian set sentencing for March 13. Leary and his wife remained free on bail but the bail of their son was revoked and he was taken into custody.

This was the second conviction for Leary in less than a month. In Laredo, Tex. he was found guilty Jan 21 of smuggling three ounces of marijuana from Mexico in a silver snuffbox carried by his teen-age daughter. He was convicted on a similar charge in 1966, but the U.S. Supreme Court overturned the verdict and ordered a new trial.

In the possession case, the Learys were arrested in Dec., 1968 in nearby Laguna Beach when a cop searched their illegally parked station wagon and found the grass and acid.

Leary told what he thought about Art Linkletter’s daughter Diane, who committed suicide allegedly as a result of LSD trips. Leary, who has taken acid over 400 times smiled and said, “Well, kids do the darndest things.”