The League of Revolutionary Black Workers


Fifth Estate # 100, March 5-18, 1970

The League of Revolutionary Black Workers Demand:

  1. Halt UAW racism. 50% representation for black workers on the international executive board and international staff. Open skilled trades and apprenticeships to black workers. Recognition of the League of Revolutionary Black Workers and its affiliates as the official spokesman for black workers.
  2. That the grievance procedure be completely revised so that grievances are settled immediately on the job by workers in the plant involved.
  3. Elimination of all safety and health hazards in the auto industry. This means cleaning the air in the foundry and redesigning dangerous machinery and production cut backs on hazardous jobs.
  4. The union must fight vigorously against speed ups and increases in production standards. The companies should double the size of their work force to meet the present workload.
  5. The union must fight for a five-hour work-day and a four-day work-week. The profit level of industry is high enough to allow for more leisure time for workers.
  6. The union must fight for an immediate doubling of the wages of all production workers. Since 1960 wages of black workers have risen less than 25%. Yet profits have risen more than 90%.
  7. A cut in union dues. The union already collects $10 million a month from its members and can’t defend the rights of the workers.
  8. The end of the checkoff of union dues. While the checkoff was progressive in the ’30s, today it prevents workers from disciplining poor union leadership.
  9. That all UAW investment funds be used to finance economic development in the black community under programs of self-determination.
  10. That the union end its collusion with the United Foundation. Black workers should contribute only to black controlled charities working for the benefit of the black community.
  11. That all monies expended for political campaigns by the UAW be turned over to the League of Revolutionary Black Workers and the Black United Front for black controlled and directed political work.
  12. That the UAW end its collusion with the CIA, the FBI and all other white racist spy institutions.
  13. That the UAW end all interference in the political, economic, social and cultural life of the black community.
  14. An end to the harassment of black revolutionaries and their leaders by the auto companies with UAW cooperation.
  15. That the UAW use its political and strike powers to call a General Strike to demand:
    a. An immediate end to the Vietnam war and withdrawal of all American troops.
    b. An immediate end to all taxes imposed upon workers.
    c. An immediate increase in industrial, property and profit taxes to make up the difference.
    d. Reallocation of all Federal monies spent on defense to meet the pressing needs of the black and poor populations of America.

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