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Fifth Estate # 101, March 19-April 1, 1970

It may take two or three years, but beware: Mayor Gribbs has let it be known that he is not adverse to a $1.00 admission fee to the Detroit Zoo, along with plans to raise the Sunday parking fee to $2.00…Detroit Patrolman Richard Worobec, who was shot in the New Bethel Incident nearly a year ago, is back on the job. Worobec, who is presently working at a desk job in the Police Department personnel office is “looking forward to outside duty”….

The UAW Skilled Trades Conference in Atlanta recently pledged to support the 300 strikers, mostly women, now out on strike at Fruehauf. The Conference accused the company of “arrogantly and stubbornly” refusing to bargain in good faith for 16 weeks….

Several GM executives suffered broken ankles at the posh GM Tech Center the other day. It seems that the elevator that they were riding on fell two stories. Evidently someone had cut the cable….

Mike Gormley, “revolutionary Music” critic for the Free Press is rumored to be a “shoe-in” to replace John Lennon when the short-haired Beatle leaves the group next month to become a full time peace creep.

Russ Gibb got rid of his T-Bird, finally. He now has a Mafia-looking Cadillac limo, one step further than his good friend Mike Quatro…

The Savage Grace, Detroit’s next contribution to the national music scene will have an album on the market soon….

Ulrich, Ann Arbor book magnate, is selling “peace” kites for $2.98, plus tax (you can usually pick one up for 35 cents). Fuck Ulrich, go fly a kite….

Dissension reported on the WABX staff. It seems that a short bout of fisticuffs was recently worked out between Messers. Miller and Dixon. (WABX still loves you, though)….UP, Ann Arbor’s stompin’ revolutionary band, also of White Panther fame, will release a single in a few weeks. Artwork was done by Gary Grimshaw before he split to the arms of his underground brothers and sisters….Tricky Dick announced a $30 million increase in federal research and education efforts to fight dope, bringing the total spent to $135.6 million. Although some of the money is supposed to go to “marijuana research,” one of the first projects is a book called ” A Federal Source: Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions About Drug Abuse.” Nixon is still, as ever, all turned around….

Michigan has tied for last place in the nation in providing aid to welfare children. Arkansas is our competitor….

The MC 5, Hamburg’s revolutionary rock band, will release the second single off their current album, “Back in the USA” (everyone should check out the cover photos). The single is “Shakin’ Street,” and features Fred “Sonic” Smith on lead vocal. Smith wrote the song, also. The album has not done so well locally, although it has sold well nationally and has consistently had good reviews….

Wayne State has just approved three contracts with the U S Army for over $40,000. None of the projects are for directly war related studies, but any assistance to the military arm of imperialism helps support that system and compromises the integrity of that institution. Wonder what the WSU students are going to do….

Two years ago, Rep. Raymond Smit of Ann Arbor, asked chemical companies making detergents and cleaning compounds to begin developing phosphate-free substitutes. (Phosphate acts as a fertilizer to plant algae, as well as just sitting around itself.) Recently he introduced a bill that would take effect July 1, 1972 (!), that would ban the sale of these cleaning wizzes containing phosphates. Once again the Amerikkkan process moves swiftly on the problems of the country….Detroit Democrat James Del Rio introduced another bill to the House of Representatives recently. This one would require any reporter who has a story published in any newspaper in the state to be licensed by the state ($5 a year, renewed every year). If you’re not licensed, you’d be guilty of a misdemeanor. Must have been talking to Spiro.

Editors’ Note: We ain’t paying.