Fifth Estate # 101, March 19-April 1, 1970


To The Editors:

This letter is in reply to the article by Tom Haroldson entitled, “Vote No On Survival” which appeared in FE #99, February 19 – March 4.

Mr. Haroldson makes some very good points in regards to Nixon’s bullshit maneuvers regarding the ecology issue, and also by pointing out that the “…ecology movement is endorsed by the very people who make the movement necessary.”

When Haroldson advocates resisting and blocking the ecology movement he shows himself to be somewhat short-sighted. He says ecology should be resisted until “important social and human needs are recognized and dealt with.”

There is no social or human need more important than population and pollution control! We must solve the problem or face famine, world war, and possible extinction!

Of course, racism in Amerika and Nixon’s ludicrous foreign policies, defense programs, and other such bullshit must be dealt with and changed. It is not something we can do overnight, however. And, let’s face it, we have to continue to exist on Planet Earth to enable us to transform Planet Earth into the beautiful place it should be.

If Nixon supports pollution control programs, we shouldn’t resist them solely on the basis that he’s attempting to pick up votes. Instead, force him to initiate an effective program—make him put our money where his mouth is!

We cannot wait—population and pollution must be dealt with now for there isn’t much time left; if indeed its not too late already!

The struggle for survival needs the support of all the brothers and sisters! Open your eyes; your survival is at stake!

Power To The People

Mike H. (E.M.U.)


The movement’s goal, as I understand it, is revolution. This statement is vague because their are two types of revolution; (1) A nationalistic revolution that ousts an “alien” government and institutes a native one. (2) A class revolution that shifts the center of power from one major group in a society to another major group.

What is necessary for a revolution to occur is a large percentage of the people to want a revolution. The revolutionaries must have the military force needed to topple the incumbent defense system. This is where I am confused.

I don’t think there are enough radicals with enough military power to reach their goals. It seems to me that radicals would want to increase their numbers. So why do they participate in activities that alienate them from people on the right? What would they replace democracy with?

It seems to me that the movement is poorly organized and is defeating its own cause. If you have any literature or letters that will end the confusion, please send them to:

Dave Mathews
308 Pennock
FSC Big Rapids Mich. 49307

To The Editors:

It is no longer the “Chicago Seven,” It is the “Pig Amerika Five.” Nixon, Agnew, Mitchell, Hoffman, and Daley. These pigs must be brought to trial. They represent all the shit that makes this country stink.

They represent everything the “Seven,” and many other brothers, are fighting to destroy. They will all be destroyed!

Power To The Revolution

Roger David

Dear Fifth Estate:

I’m finally getting around to subscribing. It’s been on my mind for a couple of months, but I’ve had a clouded head. The Army can really fuck with the mind.

But here is my two bucks and I’d like to receive your fine paper for the next year. So far I’ve practically memorized the copies I can get my hands on. It keeps my head straight.

Peace and Love,