Fifth Estate # 105, May 14-27, 1970


The Fifth Estate:

I have read your newspaper many times and for the most part, found it very enlightening. You have helped answer many of my questions, and set me on the right foot on some important issues. Now, I’m asking another favor. Your acceptance and backing of minority groups is what has prompted me to write to you.

I am a member of the Daughters of Bilites. We founded in 1955 as a social club to offer the lesbian a place of meeting others like herself in a place other than a gay bar. As the membership grew and awareness of all manifestations of the lesbian’s plight came to light, DOB became more social service oriented. It fulfills a need NOW, and has chapters all over the U.S.

I know there are many girls in and around the Detroit area who would enjoy and benefit from a Detroit Chapter.

Incidentally, don’t give up on John Sinclair. We need him and more people like him. Your work is greatly respected by myself and others like me.

Thank You,

Litha Kaye
Detroit DOB
P.O. Box 4490
Detroit, Mich. 48228

To The Editors:

I would like to say a little about the thing this so called Rita N. wrote in the latest F.E. a friend of mine received. I don’t subscribe but he brings his up when he gets it.

Rita N. was talking about a Sp. in Nam and what a big sucker he was and what a traitor he is. She also said she was old enough to be his mother.

This is my personal view on her two bit reply. I also am in the army and had no choice. Sure I could play chicken shit and go to jail or Canada, but I can’t see spending up to 5 years in jail just to not do two regretful years in the army.

People or service men don’t come over here just to commit murder. We didn’t ask to come over here but we realize some one has to do it. I don’t mind it so much. In fact it is safer here than in the states. Here a person looks to be shot at but not in the states. Look how many people are killed by young punks and by cars each year. The total is a hell of a lot bigger than it is here for us.

She stated her son got busted for refusing to put on a uniform, and she was proud of him. I wouldn’t want to be a son of hers if that’s how she feels. If it weren’t for people in the uniforms, where would she be right now?

She stated her son won’t have any blood on his hands either. I have been in Nam for 16 months and have seen plenty of young people killed trying to free a country, so that they might have a little freedom themselves. We fight because we think its worth fighting for.

Sgt. Phillip D. Bullaboy
U.S. Army


You can’t really enjoy freedom until you’re without it for awhile.

To the Editors:

Here is my “editorial feedback” to Mrs. Rita N. about the service in general. You’re right about the war over here, but you should be ashamed of yourself for praising your son’s attitude about the army.

Not everyone who is sent to Nam becomes a murderer. There are other jobs available besides infantry. Also your son may not have been sent over here.

I have to admit I don’t like it here but someone has to be on the scene (if your son doesn’t). Another thing, I would never do anything of the sort to embarrass my friends or family and I’m not a Lifer!

Not a fool

like your



Have fun in Leavenworth, you have got to be sick.

Fifth Estate,

We are now spending one fucked-up tour in Viet Nam. We would like to voice our opinion on the pig lifers in our unit and we hope that someone will listen.

The lifers don’t give a damn about us, all they care about is their damn equipment. Most of us don’t even want to be over here.

The lifers don’t have anything to do but give us a bunch of shit, and when we ride down the streets in the villages the kids say “fuck you” or give you the finger. The lifers really have it down with us heads, but you can always go to the club and find all the pigs there.

When we get hit the lifers are so juiced up they are no good to nobody; they couldn’t even defend themselves. But when its all over the pigs get the credit. We didn’t ask to come over here and we find it rather ignorant of the pigs to treat us the way they do.

Stoned Always

Some of the Heads
2/11 Arty.

Dear Editors,

The following is an open letter to Bob McBride of TV Channel 2. The letter is for him and every Bob McBride who believes as he does.

WJBK TV Channel 2
7441 2nd
Detroit, Mich.

Dear Bob McBride,

How dare you as a supposed American sit and smile so smugly while you give an unholy opinion on the Kent State massacre.

Do you, sir, believe in God? Do you believe it is possible to demonstrate quietly for peace in a country that was brought up to feed on war and alienation? Can you honestly say that firing weapons into a crowd of rock throwing children was really necessary?

Dear Mr. McBride. What a fool you are. Wake up man. How can you, a newsman, be so opinionated, so biased, so cold and unfeeling. Our country has turned into a police state. Our children are being murdered. God forgive us. And most of all you, Mr. McBride.

It won’t be too much longer before even you will be doubled crossed by big brother. Ride the waves Judas, and aren’t you lucky that God is forgiving. Put yourself at the draft age now Mr. McBride. Would you still be so smug? And then maybe I think you would. A man of God is compassionate and loving, not of war but of peace. A man of God would never speak as you have, in the way you have.

Peace brother, you’re going to need it.

Dianne Mazurkiewicz Taylor

Dear Editors,

I can understand why I came over that way. Sorry. Sorry also you felt about me the way you did. All I can say is you were wrong and I meant no harm. Honest.

Peace and changes

John Carpenter
Los Angeles

Note: The Fifth Estate wrote an article critical of Carpenter after his visit to Detroit to hype the now defunct Toronto Peace Festival. He has since resigned as U.S. representative “out of pique and conscience.”

To the Staff,

Earlier this year, you may or may not remember, I wrote to you concerning your magazine (you probably got the letter around the end of Jan. or beginning of Feb.).

Anyway on 24/3/70 I received a letter from Aust. Custom Officials saying, and I quote, “One copy of The Fifth Estate, Vol. 4, etc. was seized for review.” After examination the goods may be (a) released or (b) seized as forfeited to Her Majesty. They promise a seizure notice at an early date—nothing else has happened.

I would love to subscribe to your magazine and I want to know what action I should take to get your magazine into bloody archaic Australia. I will agree the whole affair is rotten and shits me but what can I do? Please advise further.

Hoping to hear good news from you soon.

Feathers, Love & Peace,

Neil Smith
Axedale, Victoria

Note: Sealed copy in plain brown wrapper is on the way.