Women’s News Co-op


Fifth Estate # 105, May 14-27, 1970

A good cigarette is like a woman—the best ones are thin and rich.

If there ever was a time to be a woman, Woman it’s now!

You’ve come a long way Baby—now you’ve even got your own cigarette!

The capitalist media has copped all the rhetoric and jumped on the Women’s Liberation bandwagon. Woman’s newfound freedom has opened up a vast new market of products and ad campaigns-everything from vaginal deodorant sprays to her very own cigarette.

But today’s woman will not sit passively by and see her movement corrupted and co-opted by the media. A group of Detroit women has formed the Woman’s News Co-op to combat the male chauvinism of the media.

The Women’s News Co-op is attempting to gather and produce articles and graphics which relate specifically to women. Their aim is to become a significant source from which the media can draw all types of women’s news.

The purpose of this news co-op is to combat the sexist image which the media has so long utilized to raise the public’s consciousness by calling attention to all that is offensive and exploitive; and to provide a true picture of today’s women by reporting on their lives and struggles.

The Women’s News Co-op has already contributed to past issues of the Fifth Estate in the form of a series on birth control and several articles on Detroit High Schools, and will soon begin a series on women as workers.

The Women’s News Co-op, which meets biweekly, welcomes any women who would like to work with them producing and gathering news. Contact with the group can be made by speaking to any woman on the Fifth Estate staff (831-6800) or any woman at the Radical Education Project Office (825-2922). Correspondence should be addressed to Women’s News Co-op, cio Ad Hoc Building, 5705 Woodward, Detroit.