Socialist Scholars Meet In N.Y.


Fifth Estate # 12, August 15, 1966

The second annual Socialist Scholars Conference will be held in New York at the Hotel Commodore, September 9-11, 1966. The noted historian and political analyst Isaac Deutscher and the social philosopher Herbert Marcuse will participate in a discussion “On Socialist Man” to lead off the Conference.

Other discussants and topics include American historians Eugene D. Genovese (Rutgers) and C. Vann Woodward (Yale) on “The Legacy of Negro Slavery”; economists Alexander Erlich (Columbia) and Lynn Turgeon (Hofstra) on “Libermanism and Economic Reforms in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union”; anthropologist Oscar Lewis (Illinois) and sociologist Richard Cloward (Columbia) on “Poverty and Powerlessness”. Economist Paul M. Sweezy will participate in a discussion of the study he authored with the late Paul Baran, MONOPOLY CAPITAL, one of the most significant works of contemporary Marxist scholarship.

“Components of Contemporary Revolutionary Movements” will be discussed by Franz Schurmann (Berkeley) and Gordon Leiws (U. of Puerto Rico); James Weinstein (Studies on the Left), Martin Sklar (New School) and others will discuss “Political ideology of corporate Liberalism.”

Dr. Conor Cruise O’Brien, former UN official and Chancellor of the University of Ghana, and now Albert Schweitzer Professor of Humanities at NYU, will address a dinner meeting.

The first Socialist Scholars Conference, held at Columbia University last September, attracted over 1,000 students, scholars, editors, and others and indicated a clear need for a continuing series of such meetings. The Conference intends to bring together from many disciplines intellectuals who share a broadly socialist perspective with no one’s ideological credentials being scrutinized nor with partisan purposes allowed at the meetings.

Persons who want to attend, or who are generally interested are urged to write to the Socialist Scholars Conference, Box 462, Brooklyn, New York 11201. Schedules of the conference and registration forms may be obtained from the Fifth Estate.