Letters to the Editor


Fifth Estate # 15, October 1-15, 1966


To the Editor:

Just finished reading a friend’s copy of THE FIFTH ESTATE.

Enjoyed very much Mr. Ovshinsky’s article about Dr. Hoffer and LSD [FE #13, August 30, 1966]. It was refreshing to read an article that dealt with experimental facts and a word of expert caution, rather than a shocking expose attempting to scare the pants off you!

I must say, however, that most of your editorial and journalistic opinion I disagree with. But I’m happy to see such writings. At least it makes one think—and makes me more steadfast in my disagreement with you.

Last word: Don’t buy Chrysler Trucks, Pedwin Shoes, RCA Phonographs, Am Nickel Co. Products, don’t fly on Boeing products—Mustn’t support the war, you know!

Moderately yours,

Joey Reagan
East Lansing, Michigan

To the Editor:

It’s nausea time…gather round, for it’s time to think about all the little darlings way down South who are again flocking to those ivy covered halls of knowledge, and with the loving guidance of their truly Christianlike, lily-white mommies and daddies, learning all about “Love thy Neighbor” and all that. Perchance you have seen their delightful antics on TV…Truly moving and inspiring. You know the wise old KKK saying “Protect white motherhood”—how about black childhood? When was the last time you beat up the nearest eight year old kid? Ah, sweet, sweet power—there’s nothing quite like it. But somehow, for some unconscious, deeply hidden reason I get the distinct feeling, yes, I do, I really do, that those fine, upstanding Christian-like, lily-white mommies and daddies, and their innocent little darlings are all…well, all jackasses. But I really get that feeling sometimes—very distinct like!

Anyway, enough of that, because I really do have an ultimate purpose in writing this…a real purpose…and it is, brace yourself…a solution to all the problems of the world. The bomb…my solution…the bomb! Sorry Bertrand, but…yes, it’s the bomb! For all those Christianlike mommies and daddies who advocate hate, hate, hate; for the war mongers who advocate kill, kill, kill; and for everyone who hates anyone (and admit it, that is about everyone) my advice to you is…the bomb. This world might be a hell of a nice place without our dear old friend, mankind.

So, when China bombs us and we bomb them (or vice versa) things might be quite nice afterwards. There it is…peace…and quiet…forever… and ever! Our goal is peace, isn’t it? Incidentally, I’m looking for financial backing for my new bumpersticker “Make bombs, not love.” Donations, anyone?

Marlene Ture,

To the Editor:

May I suggest that the cartoon on “Black Powder” that you reprinted in your August 30 issue from “The East Village Other” was out of context. In the issue that ran this cartoon an article on “Black Power” was featured which helped to put this cartoon in its proper perspective.

Max L. Hardeman
Detroit, Michigan