Letters to the Editor


Fifth Estate # 16, October 16-31, 1966

To the Editor:

Please send one year’s subscription of this thing you call “The Fifth Estate’ to me. It gets pretty cold out here in the wintertime and I gotta have something to burn in my fireplace. Ever tried to heat a 3 room house with a flaming draft card?

Oh, Yea! One other thing. Please try to keep your columnist out of jail (i.e. John Sinclair). Now that I got MONEY invested in your organization (and I use the term very loosely), I would like to see it go somewhere. And I don’t mean prison.

Ron Engler
Wayne, Michigan

To the Editor:

A new spirit is rising. Like the street of Watts we burn with revolution. We assault your Gods—We sing of your death. DESTROY THE MUSEUMS—our struggle cannot be hung on walls. Let the past fall under the blows of revolt. The guerilla, the blacks, the men of the future, we are all at your heels. God damn your culture, your science, your art. What purpose do they serve?

Your mass-murder cannot be concealed. The industrialist, the banker, the bourgeoisie, with their unlimited pretense and vulgarity, continue to stockpile art while they slaughter humanity. Your lie has failed. The world is rising against your oppression. There are men at the gates seeking a new world. The machine, the rocket, the conquering of space and time, these are the seeds of the future, which freed from your barbarism will carry us forward. We are ready—LET THE STRUGGLE BEGIN.

Benn Morea
Ron Hahne
Everett Shapiro
New York

To the Editor:

The loss of Folk Festival and Blues Project on radio station WDTM will be mourned privately in the souls of many people in our city.

A station that has for years been a center of creativity and individuality has changed ownership and it no longer has the color and wit of Larry Miller. WDTM is still on the air—in name only.

The new owner is the Doctor Guillotine of the folk music scene.

Although Pat McKilroy’s Saturday night show of comedy and folk music still exists, a question still arises: How long will it be before this too is defunct?

We can only hope that the radio station WHFI will be the new source of enlightenment in the Detroit area.

I too share in this mourning with thousands of others, but look for hope for Detroit’s folk music future.

Wendy Wilder
Birmingham, Mich.

To the Editor:

The children of Vietnam have learned a new game from the American soldiers. They join hands and skip throughout the village singing: “Ring around the rosey—A pocket full of posies—Ashes, Ashes, Ashes—We all fall down”

J.E. Baxter
Highland Park

To The Editor:

The John Birch Society Report radio program is now being presented in our community on station CJSP 7.10 on the dial, on Sunday at 5:30 p.m. This week: Jim Clark on cattle prodding. Next week: Fulton Lewis III on proper hair grooming.

Terry Epton

To the Editor:

I hope that in time Plum Street will have a record store which offers a wide selection of folk music and other songs other than the Fugs, for it would be much nicer to look for good records for one’s Children. Pete Seeger and Co., than in the jungle of a large department store.

And I hope in time Plum Street will be part of a larger living area which is good for functioning neurotics and reasonably hip bourgeoisie like myself.

I admire The Fifth Estate. The writing is physically Leftist, morally Rightist, editorially urgent.

Cella Alderson