Core Director Here For Viet Teach-In


Fifth Estate # 17, November 1-15, 1966

Floyd McKissick, National Director of the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE), will be speaking in Detroit on Monday, November 7. The Detroit Committee to End the War in Vietnam and the Wayne Committee to End the War in Vietnam have announced that McKissick will be one of the main speakers at a teach-in which is scheduled for that day on the Wayne State University campus.

The teach-in is a part of four days of activities that have been organized by the two groups for November 5 through 8. On Saturday, November 5, a “mass demonstration and rally” has been called for. The demonstrators will meet at 2 p. m. at Woodward and Adams. They will then march down Woodward to Cobo hall where the rally will be held.

The purpose of the demonstration will be to protest against continued involvement in the Vietnamese war. A spokesman for the group said, “We believe that the war is both illegal and unjust. The American people have never been given the opportunity to vote on American policy. We think that the referendum which will be taking place in Dearborn should take place all over the country. That will be one of the ideas that we will try to raise in our demonstration.”

On Sunday at 8 p.m., the groups have scheduled a “Hoot for Peace” for the Upper DeRoy Auditorium at Wayne State University. The program will feature some of the leading folk artists in the city.

The November 7 teach-in will begin at 2 p.m. in the McGregor Memorial building. At 6 p.m., it will continue in the Community Arts Auditorium. In addition to McKissick, the evening session of the teach-in will feature James Aronson, Editor of the National Guardian, M.S. Arnoni, Editor of the Minority of One, Bradford Lyttle of the Committee on Non-violent Action and Barry Sheppard, Managing Editor of ‘the Militant.

Leaflets on the question of the war will be available at the teach-in for distribution on election day, November 8.

National sponsors for the four days include Mrs. Martin Luther King and Rev, A.J. Muste. Over twenty Wayne State University professors as well as a number of prominent ministers and attorneys are local sponsors.