New Trip Unearthed


Fifth Estate # 18, November 15-30, 1966

A drug which is readily available on prescription has been shown to have the same psychic effects as LSD. The current issues of Diseases of the Nervous System and the Archives of General Psychiatry carry articles on the efficacy of Sansert in producing the same effects as LSD.

Sansert is a drug which has been used for the prophylactic treatment of migraine headaches. It’s method of action is the inhibition of serotonin production, a long known effect of L SD.

In terms of effectiveness, the drug is far less potent than LSD and much higher doses are required. If a value of 100 is assigned to the potency of LSD then the potency of Sansert is 0.66. What this means is that for the equivalent of 100 micrograms of LSD one must use 16 mg of Sansert (8 pills). For 200 micrograms the equivalent is 32mg or 16 pills and for 300 micrograms the equivalent is 50 mg or 25 pills.

Sansert has been used as an LSD substitute in several studies and has proven effective. There is caution recommended in regard to prolonged use of Sansert and the drug shouldn’t be used for longer than 6 months when daily dosages (4-8 mg) are given.