Fifth Estate # 2, December 2-16, 1965

To the Editor,

I would like to congratulate you and your staff for being so ambitious as to save our city from the blight which exists at the present time. The blight which I refer to is the lack of communication between the people of Detroit as a result of our inadequate news media. The result has been an uninformed, robotic society.

You have brought a truly free press to this metropolis, something we have been in need of for many years. I now anticipate the public will be able to read the truth and not a twisting and deletion of the truth.

I particularly like the fact that you plan to present new and not so new ideas which ordinarily would not be presented in any other media, particularly the Vietnam issue. I feel that all people, through The Fifth Estate, will be able to express their beliefs; something which we need so badly in order to preserve the democratic society we speak so much about.

Much good luck to you,

Eric Feld
Detroit, Michigan

* * *

To the Editor,

Bloomfield Hills?

Camille Wright
Detroit, Mich.


PO BOX 305
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan


EDITORIAL ASSISTANTS: Susan de Graoia, Ben McFall, Robin Dibner, Steve Dibner, Camille Wright, Steven Simons

STAFF: John Sinclair, Del Appleby, Jefferey Feldman, T.A. Rourk, Ilene Block

Photographer: Magdalene Arndt Sinclair