Fifth Estate # 269, February, 1976

Prisoners wanting to read anarchist literature: Black Market will send you a general packet of anarchist literature. If you have requests for specific literature, we will try to get it for you (and probably succeed). All free. To all persons who can help, Black Market has been sending anarchist literature free to prisoners for over 6 months. The costs are getting too much for us alone. We need help in the form of used books & pamphlets & leaflets having to do with anarchism (-ists), or a little cash to buy literature specifically requested. Write or send help to: Black Market, box 306, Cambridge, Mass 02139.

All of these prisoners would like people to correspond with. We haven’t the space to reprint all their letters, but they’d like to hear from you.

Wesley Watson 25728, Box 100, Somers, CO 06071.

Jack Chewning 89083, Box 788, Mansfield, OH 44901

Al Davis, 95534, Box 788, Mansfield, OH 44901

Jeff Hamilton 140807, Box 69, London, OH 43140.

James Zugg 141954, Box 69, London, OH 43140

David Williams 130366, Box 787, Lucasville, OH 45648