Free Readers’ Ads


Fifth Estate # 270, March, 1976

THIS PAGE IS YOUR PAGE. All ads are FREE for the asking. We hope this page becomes a place where we can communicate and take care of our basic needs outside of the capitalist, consumption market. Send to THE FIFTH ESTATE, 4403 Second Detroit, MI. 48201 No ads accepted by phone.

SALE OR TRADE–Ex-sci-fi devotee wishes to divest self of remnants. Large and very fine collection of sci-fi hard and paperback books, many first printings. Will trade for Art, “serious” literature, interesting stuff or will sell 3 paperbacks for $1.00. Call 894-7753 and keep trying (nights).

WANTED–Someone for laundry, cleaning, cooking, preparing ten-year-old for school M-W-F $25 per week. Prefer bilingual. G. Bray, 489 Prentis No. 37, Detroit.

WANTED–Experienced snake handler. Call Pat, 624-5112, 24 hours.

FOR SALE–Bumper Stickers 50 cents each. “Stop S-1! One Giant Goose Step for Mankind!” “Eat the Rich;” “Boycott the BUYCentennial;” “AMERIKILL” (in red, white & blue for ’76). Any message custom-printed $2.00; 75 cents each additional copy of same; $15/30;$20/50; $26/100; $33/150; $40/200; $47/250. Your choice ink, paper and typestyle. Details, write: K. Donnelly, Box 271-F, New Vernon, New Jersey 07976.

GIGS–Piano player, will perform dance music for tips or salary–bars, parties, banquets. Write G. Bray, 489 Prentis No. 37, Detroit 48201.

A SHADY CHARACTER–Even genuine University Alumnae Quickly recall xtravagent zymurgy lab nights. Unless they have 6 kids aged 0 to 9. xoxoxo, I drone for Ma Bell.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY–Mrs. Squat! Hope you have a lovely day. Can’t believe you’re really going to leave us. Love–M&P


All of these prisoners would like people to correspond with. We haven’t the space to reprint all their letters, but they’d like to hear from you.

Curtis Robinson Jr.135693, box 69, London, Ohio 43140

Robert Trent 135206, box 57, Marion, OH

Ralph Freeman 133151, box 787, Lucasville, OH 45648