Fifth Estate # 271, April, 1976

Us Normals

To The Fifth Estate:

We had a dim premonition the shallow-minded comedians would one day use what they thought to be DADA as a way of deadening men’s minds.

“Propagandada Discovered in Detroit” (Fifth Estate, March 1976) confirms this. YOU NORMALS are too weak to be good, too good to be really bad….only weak and in consequence, pathetic.

V.N. & C.L.
San Jose, Calif.

On China

Dear Friends:

The March issue of the Fifth Estate was one of the best issues of any paper that I’ve seen in a long time–particularly the article about China [“Power Struggle in China”].

Since China is currently the favorite progeny of the left, both in North America and elsewhere, and “Marxism-Leninism-Mao Tse-Tung Thought” appears to be a growing trend, it is vitally important for anarchists and other anti-authoritarian people to dispel the notion that China is the kingdom of heaven on earth.

Clearly, China is part of the global capitalist economic network; the only difference is that the United States is becoming the new mother country (witness elder statesman Nixon’s recent escapade and the rousing tribute in his honor), assuming the Soviet Union’s former role.

China is expanding its fledgling import-export market (in New York City there are now a number of stores specializing in mainland Chinese commodities) and adding to the coffers of the state treasury and the pockets of the ruling bourgeoisie.

No, the Chinese coup d’etat was never a revolution and the current power struggle is not between “capitalist roaders” and true revolutionaries. But if the workers’ strikes in Shanghai, Canton and elsewhere are any kind of indicator, there is the possibility, and hope, for a truly new and revolutionary society in China.

Bill Koehnlein
Huntington Station, NY


Letter to the Funnel:

You are full of shit. Cancel my sub. The once great Fifth Estate is becoming more and more regressive–as opposed to progressive anarchism. Especially your shallow analysis of the Angolan situation. (See “Nationalist Gangs Battle for Angola,” Fifth Estate, February 1976).

Conditions in each country and nation of the world are different. Strategy must be based on concrete conditions in the area in question In order to achieve a truly free, independent Angola, the MPLA rightly accepted unconditional aid from any source.

The MPLA relied on the Soviets only after failing to get it elsewhere. The Marxists in Angola have maintained, in stark contrast to the Cubans and Czechs, definite independence from the Soviet Union and have emphasized their intention of continued independence.

The Angolans and freedom fighters in other African countries, deserve the full support of all fair-minded people here in the beast. Victory to the MPLA.

San Antonio, Texas

Durrutti replies: Your mindless, sloganeering rhetoric is characteristic of exactly the contentless militancy denounced in the Angola article. Did you even read it? The argument put forth was that nothing in that country has anything to do with revolution, but rather what faction of capital will gain the right to exploit Angolan workers.

Now that the team you and Gulf Oil backed has defeated its rivals the development of capitalism will proceed with a ferocity. Your calls to victory from Texas probably won’t mean much to an African worker or peasant ground up in the process.

The Party Line

Dear Comrades:

It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to. Cry if I want to. Cry if I want to. You would cry too if it happened to you.

V.I. Lenin
In the glass box on the left, Moscow


Dear Fifth Estate:

At a time when our American Way of Death is being viciously and systematically undermined by a small but fanatical handful of dopers, dancers, and similar life-obsessed perverts, who have deviously infiltrated the pages of some of our most prestigious journals, I am grateful to find that your publication, the Fifth Estate newspaper, has remained steadfast in the time honored principles of Extinction.

As Americans, and moreover as participants in Western Technological Civilization, we are all of us the heirs of a proud tradition of Morbidity–a tradition which has given to humanity the Pyramids of Egypt and the Skullracks of Mexico, not to speak of such familiar household conveniences as the Electric Chair and the Timeclock. Indeed our sacred Money, the very Communion and Death-blood of our society, is graciously imprinted with an image of the Tomb.

At a time in history when our very Way of Death is threatened as never before by forces of subversion who are, by their own candid admission, the avowed enemies of our Technocracy, we must submerge our factional differences and pull together, Vampires and Necrophiles alike, to insure that our Civilization not be engulfed by the rising tides of chaotic Organism. Let us not forget, my fellow Americans, that every Fetish is a Genital; and that every Fetish is a Skull. It is only by virtue of this fundamental act of sublimation that our Way of Death has come into being.

And it is only by virtue of our continual and ever-increasing production of sterile Commodities that the orgiastic, blood-smeared face of living Nature will be successfully entombed in the orderly, gray concrete of the Worm’s paradise. As Americans, it is our responsibility to do all that lies within our power to bring that Great Entombment to a glorious conclusion.

We of the Death for President Committee are fully cognizant of this grave responsibility. Our candidate, Death, is the only major presidential candidate to come out frankly and forthrightly in favor of:

–more war

–more oppression

–more pollution

–and more lying.

He is the only candidate who has taken a clear stand against the sick, decadent, un-American apologists of so-called life. And he is the only candidate who has never, in his long career of public service, compromised or faltered in his dedication to the principles of Extinction which have made our nation great.

I urge every loyal Producer/Consumer to support with your vote and with your financial assistance, the election of Death to our highest public office. (Please make all contributions payable to “Death for President Committee”, 666 Wall St., New York, N.Y. 10001.)

Very gravely yours,

R. Irving Peckerhead, Chairman,
Death for President Committee

Free School

Dear People:

We students of the Detroit Free School have one major problem. Presently there are only four people on our teaching staff. Three of them are definitely leaving the school in June and one of the teachers is undecided.

This will leave the students without teachers and without a school for the Fall term. We are looking for some people with secondary teaching credentials preferably in English, Science, Math and Social Studies, but will consider all candidates.

Other requirements: a willingness to learn to run a school, fund-raising ideas or skills, lots of energy, counseling skills, and a commitment to young people.

We offer a stimulating environment, subsistence salary, and health insurance.

If interested contact: Jan Tomakowsky, Detroit Free School, 60 Harper, Detroit, 48202 or call (313) 873-1141.

Detroit Free School