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Fifth Estate # 273, June 1976

A PRIMER OF LIBERTARIAN EDUCATION by Joel Spring, Free Life Editions, 157 pp. $3.95
Traces the tradition of libertarian opposition to established education from Rousseau and Godwin to Neill and Freire.
“Spring places the radical challenge into its own tradition of libertarian anarchy…” (Ivan Illich)

THE MAKING OF THE ENGLISH WORKING CLASS E.P. Thompson, Vintage, 848 pp. $3.45
A lively account of the English working class being dragged, kicking and screaming into industrial society.

REGULATING THE POOR: The Functions of Public Welfare, F. Fox Piven & R.A. Cloward, Vintage, 389 pp. $2.45
This winner of the C. Wright Mills award gives a good account of the real functions of Welfare systems and Johnson’s “Great Society, ” programs.

ANARCHISM AND OTHER ESSAYS, by Emma Goldman, Dover, 271 pp. $3.00
Essays on anarchism, marriage, education and others. Includes THE TRAFFIC IN WOMEN.

LIP AND THE SELF-MANAGED COUNTER REVOLUTION by Negation, Black & Red, 96 pp. $.75
Using the illustration of the famous French watch factory, the authors show that the self-management of Capital is but another stage in the development of the capitalist economy.

MEDICAL NEMESIS: The Danger of Modern Medicine by Ivan Illich, Pantheon, 288 pp. $6.50, publishers price $8.95
Modern medicine has reached the stage where it is itself a major threat to our health. This is the theme of Illich’s book, which poses some basic questions not only about medicine but about the direction of modern society.

ECLIPSE AND RE-EMERGENCE OF THE COMMUNIST MOVEMENT by Jean Barrot & Francois Martin, Black & Red, 136 pp. $1.25
Discussion of the re-appearance of the authentic communist movement since 1968 and its characteristics.

PARADISE LOST: The Decline and Fall of the Auto-Industrial Age by Emma Rothschild, Vintage, 264 pp. $1.95
Rothschild unveils the forces which have made the U.S. auto-industry an industry in decline.

ENGELS, MANCHESTER & THE WORKING CLASS by Steven Marcus, Vintage, 271 pp. $2.95
A literary, social and historical examination of Friedrich Engels’ work, “The Condition of the Working Class in England.”

ORIGINS OF THE ANARCHIST MOVEMENT IN CHINA by A. Meltzer, Chicago Solidarity 18 pp., $.25 (8.5 x 11)

LIVING MY LIFE, Vol. I & II by Emma Goldman, Dover, 944 pp. $9.00 (single volumes, $4.50 each)
Goldmans autobiography tracing her life from arriving in America to her stay in Bolshevik Russia. A good historical account.

MY DISILLUSIONMENT IN RUSSIA by Emma Goldman, Apollo, 263 pp. $2.95
Goldman gives a first hand account of Bolshevik Russia from her arrival in 1920 to her subsequent deportation after the Kronstadt Rebellion in 1921.

ON THE POVERTY OF STUDENT LIFE by Situationist International, Black & Red 24 pp. $.25
First published in France at the University of Strasbourg in 1966 with student union funds, the copies were distributed at the official ceremony marking the beginning of the academic year. The student union was promptly closed by court order, but the pamphlet has been reprinted world wide.

THE LIMITS OF THE CITY by Murray Bookchin, Harper, 148 pp. $2.75
Bookchin traces the roots of the ‘Bourgeois City’ and points out what is in store for us if we don’t de-centralize society.

KROPOTKIN’S REVOLUTIONARY PAMPHLETS by Peter Kropotkin, Edited by Roger N. Baldwin, Dover, $3.50
A collection of Kropotkin’s writings covering a variety of subjects including science, law and government. Bibliography included.

FALSE PROMISES by Stanly Aronowitz, McGraw Hill, 465 pp. $3.95
Tracing the historical development of the American working class from post-Civil War times to the Lordstown strike. This book attempts to show why radical movements have failed to overcome the forces that divide workers.

HUNGARY ’56 by Andy Anderson, Black & Red, 137 pp. $1.25
A startling account of Stalinist collaboration with former fascist leaders in Eastern Europe after World War II and the suppression of the ’56 revolution by Russian imperialism.

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Note: A few months ago, we advertised Chris Gray’s “Leaving the 20th Century: The Incomplete Works of the Situationist International”. We were assured by the publishers, Free Fall Press, that we could get as many books as we wanted. Since then, we have been unable to contact them in England. We will try to get in touch with them by telephone, but if all fails, we will refund all money owed. Thanks for bearing with us.

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