Free Readers’ Ads


Fifth Estate # 279, December, 1976

Though we do not accept commercial advertising, this Unclassified ad space is free for our readers’ use. We do not accept ads over the telephone, so please send your ads in writing to our office at: 4403 Second Ave., Detroit 48201.

Cooperative living situation. Walk to campus. Room for one more. Rent in the $90’s. Call 872-4340.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Dr. Squat, wherever you are. Miss you. Please write. Love, M & P.

LOOKING for meaningful gifts? Her Shelf, Wimmin’s Books & Crafts now has available nonsexist children’s books, women’s fiction, poetry, political writings & records & buttons. Her Shelf is located at 2 Highland (6 blocks south of Davison) in Highland Park. Store hours are Wednesday thru Friday 2 to 7 pm and Sundays noon to 5pm.

WANTED—A 4-prong plug-in phone; cheap. Call 869-3583 evenings.

BUMPERSTICKERS, custom printed: Your own message. $2/one; $3/pair; $.50 additional $12/25; $18/50; $26/100. 1-day service. Sent 1st class! Free list of pre-printed stickers at $.50 each. Colt, Box 271FE, New Vernon NJ 07976

Plumbing repairs. Drain cleaning. Call anytime. 368-9754.

SPACE—Easy space. There is a space available for individuals or groups to use for theatre, dance, music, meetings or whatever your imagination ferments at the address below for those who wish to share some responsibility (a little or a lot) for the maintenance of the space. Stop by or phone 554-3819 or 554-2891. 2535 Bagley.

M.G. of California: Letter sent; should be in your hands by now. R.F.

WANTED—Kids!! In all sizes, shapes & colors. Ages 2 to 5 for daycare center. Co-op and non-co-op arrangement, full or part time. Parent participation encouraged. Call C.A.L.L.L. TOGETHER, 33 E. Forest (Corner of Woodward and Forest). 833-4521.

PRISONERS Please write to:

Blaine H. Malone Box 4000
Springfield MO 65802

Charles Williams No. 140-515
London Correctional Institute
Box 69
London OH 43140

PRISONERS—Who want to read anarchist literature: Black Market will send you a general packet of anarchist literature. If you have requests for specific literature, we will try to get it for you (and probably succeed). All free (to all persons who can help. Black Market has been sending anarchist literature free to prisoners for over 6 months. The costs are getting too much for us alone. We need help in the form of used books and pamphlets & leaflets having; to do with anarchism (ists). Also a little cash to buy literature specifically requested. Write or send help to: Black Market, Box 306, Cambridge, MA. 02139.