Canada Hides Slayer

Murderer of Laureano Cerrada Santos permitted to immigrate


Fifth Estate # 282, April-May, 1977

On the front page of the latest issue of Black Flag (organ of the Anarchist Black Cross) is the picture of Spanish anarchist Laureano Cerrada Santos with the word MURDERED printed under it in large type.

According to Black Flag, Cerrada, who fought in the Spanish revolution and later became a skilled forger in passports and Spanish food rationing coupons, was shot to death in the streets of a Paris suburb by a Spanish secret agent last October.

The agent, who was working in close cooperation with the French police, had infiltrated the group with which Cerrada was working, and took such action after his true identity was discovered.

Cerrada’s murderer is 52 year old Ramon Benicho Canud, alias Ramon Leriles, nicknamed “el Leriles.”

He was smuggled out of France shortly after the shooting and allowed to legally enter Canada (perhaps to start a new career as a Mounty).

Black Flag is asking all comrades in Canada and North America who know of the whereabouts of this man, to write as soon as possible to: Black Flag, Over The Water, Sanday, Orkney, Scotland.

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