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Fifth Estate # 284, July, 1977

Though we do not accept commercial advertising, this Unclassified ad space is free for our readers’ use. We do not accept ads over the telephone, so please send your ads in writing to our office at: 4403 Second Ave., Detroit 48201

WE CAN STOP THE NUKES bumpersticker of the Clamshell Alliance (who occupied the Seabrook, NH nuclear plant site). Copies available for a donation (all $$ to Clamshell). Send for sticker and info on nuclear technofascism to COLT, Box 271, New Vernon, N.J. 07976. Please enclose 13 cent stamp.

HALL PARTY for Safe Energy Coalition, Fri., July 15 at VFW Hall, 3830 W. Jefferson in Ecorse; $4 adm. for all the beer you can drink. 20 kegs are available; music by the Jim Rodgers Band. Proceeds to the anti-nuke movement.

ANARCHIST TAPES & SONGS: Bookchin, Hess, urbanism, technology, theory, etc. All profits aid international libertarian activities. For a free catalog, write: Our Generation, Dept. F, 3934 St. Urbain, Montreal, Que.

CLAMSHELL ALLIANCE organizer, Harvey Wasserman, will speak on the May 1 demonstrations at Seabrook Nuclear Facility. Also, a Clamshell documentary, “The Last Resort,” will be shown. To be held Wed., Aug. 3, 7:30 pm, at Northwest Unitarian Church, 23925 Northwestern Hwy in Southfield and at the Allen Park Civic Hall, 15781 Philomene, Allen Park, Thurs., Aug. 4 at 7:30pm. Free adm.

GUIDE TO FREE BEACHES—With the growth of the clothes-optional recreation movement on the American continent, skinny-dipping has taken on truly impressive proportions as a social phenomenon. It’s come out of the nighttime and dropped its figleaf of shame. Hundreds of exuberant skinny-dippers in popular spots under the sun have contributed information on how to get there and what to expect. FREE BEACHES, POB 132, Oshkosh, Wis. 54901 makes the resulting GUIDE available to anyone who sends a contribution and a stamped, self-addressed envelope. For more info call: (414) 231-9950.

ANARCHIST CONFERENCE—the U.S.-Canadian annual anarchist meeting will be held this year from July 29th to 31st at Wildcat Mountain State Park in Wisconsin. Arrangements for the conference are being made by the Milwaukee anarchist group, which was given this responsibility by the Champaign-Urbana meeting of SRAF (the Social-Revolutionary Anarchist Federation) over last Labor Day weekend. For further information and a map on how to get there, write to: Milwaukee-SRAF p.o. box 92-246, Milwaukee, Wisc. 53202 or Freespace Alternate U, 339 Lafayette Street, New York City 10012. You may telephone (414) 765-9440 or (212) 228-0322.

ANYONE in the Boston area interested in organizing an anarchist newspaper vendors’ group, please write to: Kevin McFarlan, 3 Bradford Rd., Newton MA 02161.

PRISONERS: Due to limited space and the many letters we receive, we are unable to reprint the correspondence from prisoners, but we will print their names and addresses—they would like to hear from you:

Charlie Crapps, Jr. No. 135-389, box 45699, Lucasville, Ohio 45699

James Jay Dolphin, No. 4000R, Ft. Grant, Az. 86543

Eugene Peterson, p.o. drawer 1072, mail no. 539, Arcadia, FL 33821