A Spectre Haunts the World

The Spectre of Terrorism


Fifth Estate # 290, March 2, 1978

CAUTION! There are terrorists among us.

THEY infest this planet from Washington to New York, from Nuremburg to Moscow, from Peking to Santiago.

THEY detain millions of hostages every day and give them the ultimatum—become a slave to the state or an enemy.

THEY maintain large armies that are trained to kill in support of the ideology of the state.

THEY control massive local and federal police forces that employ telephone taps, house raids, imprisonment, surveillance, beatings, killings and general thuggery to insure “freedom.”

THEY have an enormous prison system that silences all who refuse to conform to the “norms of society ” by locking them in cages surrounded by cement walls—a prison system where millions of people are herded each year and where the “enemies of the state” are tortured and murdered.

THEY are the controllers of the most terrifying horror in history: nuclear technology, a technology that could destroy the world at a push of a button.

THEY control a world-wide industrial system that makes slaves of all of us and devours thousands in the name of “progress.”

THEY are Kings, Prime Ministers, Chairmen, Generals, Industrialists, Labor Leaders, Bankers, Liberals, Fascists, Conservatives, Communists, Democrats and Socialists. They are the owners of and pencil pushers for everything that runs counter to humanity and the idea of freedom.

THEY must be stopped.

But, THEY are expendable in the eyes of the very systems for which they function. Although the assassination of these terrorists would send tremors throughout the world, the age of giants is over. Gone are the days of absolute monarchs. The terrorists below are no more than faceless executioners for capital. There are hundreds more ready to take their place.

IT is capital, the state, and the concept of the state that are the ultimate terror. It is that which must be eliminated.

Known Terrorists
Poster shows mug shots of 12 top politicians and other influential power-holders; names are given in the article.

Khaled (Saudi Arabia)

Schmidt (W. Germany)

Carter (USA)

Mao (China)

Rockefeller (Industry)

Brezhnev (USSR)

Schleyer (SS #227014)

Teng (China)

Pinochet (Chile)

H. Ford (Industry)

Castro (Cuba)

Berlinguer (Italy)

Who Are The Real Terrorists?