We Demand


Fifth Estate # 292, June 19, 1978

The absolute removal of the blight of organized religion from the face of the planet. This will necessitate the immediate removal from every church, synagogue, mosque, temple, ashram, cathedral, etc. of any and every self-styled “representative of God on earth” including nuns, priests, ministers, rabbis, etc. and their (if necessary) forced dispossession of all the enormous wealth and power they have accumulated in centuries of domination and exploitation. Let the wealth, and the buildings, be used for the creation of playgrounds, abortion clinics, or whatever the people whose labor went to create them see fit.

That the Pope—that shrunken, shriveled would-be masturbator who personifies more than any other the dominion of death over life in this world (and who, if we are to believe him, has never known the splendor of physical love, even at his own hand)—we demand of the Pope no less than a public recantation, an open declaration of his and the church’s central role in two thousand years of human destruction. We demand this not just for all of those who have died for their refusal to kneel before inquisitions, missionaries and crusaders but for all the human beings who have ever anguished over any expression of their natural and innate desire for the most intimate human contact and glorious sexual satiation; for all the human beings who have ever been brow-beaten into surrendering their curiosity, their autonomy, in short, their humanity to the demands of others’ sanctified and sanctimonious hallucinations.

That in Detroit, the final smashing of religiously-induced sexual repression be ushered in by the televised spectacle of Cardinal Dearden and Anita Bryant publicly fucking until their teeth fall out. We demand extravagant foreplay involving every conceivable variant of oral/genital/anal contact. We demand that, after mutual orgasm and a suitable rest period in which resuscitators may be applied, they both go back for sloppy seconds.

Freedom for our beloved comrade Benjamin Mendoza y Amor, whose attempted assassination of Pope Paul IV in Manila, 1970, ranks among the finest assertions of life over death in human history. Freedom for ALL religion’s prisoners.

The essential premise of organized religion has ever been the annihilation of the individual; and so, we, as individuals demand only the annihilation of organized religion.

—Marquis de Sade Brigade/PSF Cell