Prison Notes


Fifth Estate # 297, April 18, 1979

A couple of quick prison notes: Revolutionary prisoners at Washington State Prison in Walla Walla have published Vol. I, No. 4 of the Anarchist Black Dragon, a newsletter. Written by the locked-down brothers from the collective of the same name, the publication features articles of both prison news and general anarchist interest. The Dragon is printed on the outside by supporters and is available from Countdown, PO Box 1163, Madison, Wisconsin, 53701; a small donation would be appropriate. However, the Anarchist Black Dragon Collective may be written directly at Box 520, Walla Walla, Washington, 99362.

(Walla Walla has long been a scene of radical prisoner agitation and over a year ago prison officials banned the Fifth Estate from entering the institution. Shortly after, a law suit was filed challenging this pig decision but to date we have not heard anything on the situation and the paper remains contraband.)

It’s always seemed to us that so many prisoners are influenced by anarchist and libertarian thought since it is the only social philosophy calling for an end to all prisons. Marxists would have the same people in jail plus some (probably us).

The other note regards a letter someone from the FE recently wrote to a prisoner in Tracey, California. It was returned the other day marked, “Return to Sender; Not Here” and “ESCAPED.” We wish the brother a safe and extended flight and salute his break for freedom.