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Fifth Estate # 299, October 22, 1979

Though we do not accept commercial advertising, this Unclassified ad space is free for our readers’ use. We do not accept ads over the telephone, so please send your ads in writing to our office at: 4403 Second Ave., Detroit, Michigan 48201.

A NEW LIBERTARIAN PUBLICATION planned by Countdown. Donations are needed for first issue which will include articles on organization, (Anti-) Mayday, “Class Consciousness and the Conscious Class”, and Marxism among others. Further information and donations to Countdown, Box 1163, Madison WI 53701.

PARTISAN PRESS is a new libertarian publishing project in Seattle. We are currently preparing several works for publication, including THE CHRISTIE FILE, the autobiography of British anarchist Stuart Christie; THE PRACTICE OF UTOPIA, the English translation of Louis Mercier Vega’s last book; and an as-yet untitled anthology on Italian insurgency, 1976-78. If you have a manuscript relating to libertarian themes (fiction is also welcome), we’d like to see it; and of course, donations toward the publication of our first titles will be gratefully accepted. Hoping to hear from you: Partisan Press, Box 2193 Seattle WA 98111.

The thinking man’s Jekyll & Hyde (exploding the neo-hobbesian Ardrey-Morris-Lorenz thesis of man an INNATELY beastly) is a novel, by Sam Cohen, called THE CHEMIST. Send $1.00 to Dexter Press, 18055 James Couzens, Detroit, MI 48235.

Liberation Fighters, Hardened Criminals, Revolutionaries, Anarchists, nihilists, crazies and wierdos. The Fu Manchu Brigade needs you. Contact: James W. Parker, 71108, Ft. Pillow State Prison, Ft. Pillow, TN 38032

Death Row Prisoner needs immediate help. Funds and campaign support. Alvord Defense, p.o. box 513, Paoli, PA 19301.

Capital punishment unconstitutional. Death Row Prisoner needs funds. Fight death penalty. Willie Darden Defense, p.o. box 2611, W. Lawn, PA 19609.

SUSAN & JOHN—Happy Birthdays to you both (early and/or late?). Looking forward to seeing you in the spring—but if not, meet ya at the dock again. Love you very much, M&P

THE DAILY BARBARIAN. Although this new publication from Destroyit is not a daily and may never, or then again it may, be published again it’s still the best paper ever to be printed. If you’d like to be a lucky owner of one of these one-of-a-kind publication, send some stamps (it’s free, but it would help us if you could help with mailing costs), to: Queen For A Day, c/o 4403 Second, Det. Mi., 48201 USA

ANYBODY who was connected with the Open City Crisis Center, please call Jim at 755-4839.



William Allen 84464, 3250 Ezell Pike, Nashville, TN 37219

Noel A. Johnson, 75B2179BT31, Comstock, NY 12821

Asakri Walter X. Wright TSP6I330, Drawer N, Trenton, NJ 08625

Thomas Mott PMB 24661149D, box 7000, Texarkana, TX 75501

Ron E. Kelley 138517, box 45699, Lucasville, OH 45699