George Garnett Jr.

(March 8, 1947 - December 28, 1965)
in memoriam


Fifth Estate # 3, January 1966

George Garnett Jr. was found dead on the inner lane northbound of the John Lodge expressway, under the Warren Avenue bridge, at 1:45 a.m. Tuesday, December 28, 1965. He apparently fell from the bridge, struck the pavement and was hit by several cars which didn’t stop after running over the body. A passing motorist saw the body in mid-air and pulled over to the curb; other motorists who did stop called the police. George was pronounced dead on arrival at Detroit Receiving Hospital at 1:55 a.m.

George Garnett Jr., 18 years old at the time of his death, was employed as a Janitor by Ford Motor Company. His life work was music-a trombonist, George had been heard in performance, with the Workshop Music Ensemble and the New Blues Band, in concerts at Wayne State University and the Artists Workshop this past fall. He had studied at Northwestern High School and at the Detroit Institute of Musical Arts.

Final services were conducted at the Second Baptist Church Friday, December 31, 1965. Serving as pall-bearers for their friend were John Dana, Jim Semark, Pierre Rochon, Lyman Woodward, and John Sinclair. George Garnett’s remains were buried in Lincoln Memorial Cemetery.

Among George’s survivors are his mother, Mrs. Ruby Garnett; his father, George Garnett Sr.; a brother and sister; and many relatives and friends.